Friday Fun Poll: Gaslamp Banners

The banners in the Gaslamp always signal that San Diego Comic-Con is near – and they typically feature something that will be represented at the convention (though not always!). Before the banners start going up any day now, let’s take a poll on what you think this year’s design might be: Read More »

Con Flashback – The Unexpected Delight

Welcome to another edition of Con Flashback where the staff of the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog take a look back at various topics of SDCC past thanks to your suggestions! This week’s topic comes to us from Steph! Kerry Dixon The best moments at Comic-Con are always the ones you didn’t plan for. My first day ever at the ... Read More »

Coronado Ferry Schedule and Information for San Diego Comic-Con 2017

If you’re staying on Coronado Island during San Diego Comic-Con, one of your biggest concerns may be how to get the convention center every day. Parking, taxis, and Ubers can get expensive, fast – and the Comic-Con International shuttle (whose schedule you can find here) doesn’t service the area. So just how to do you make it to Hall H? ... Read More »

CharityBuzz Auctioning VIP Access to ‘Outlander’ San Diego Comic-Con Panel, Signing

If you’re an Outlander fan with deep pockets and some cash to burn, then this is the post for you: Starz and Comic-Con International are auctioning off a San Diego Comic-Con trip with VIP access to Outlander (okay, it’s a little questionable how VIP) through CharityBuzz. The auction, which benefits the Television Academy Foundation, will give one lucky winner two badges to ... Read More »