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LEGO Locks In Comic-Con Minifigure Exclusives

lego green lantern

LEGO has announced this year’s line-up of limited edition Comic-Con minifigures, over at USA Today. They’ll be producing 4 different figures to giveaway during the convention: Green Arrow, Spider-Man, a black-tinged alternate Superman and Spider-Woman. The only way to get them is at the LEGO booth (#2829), and while they’re all free, they’re also one of the hottest exclusives and ... Read More »

San Diego Comic-Con 2012: The Biggest Disappointments

The Item 47 Scavenger Hunt

We feel this year’s SDCC set the high-water mark for cons to come. There were so many improvements over last year – Hollywood’s big return to Comic-Con, better schedule balance between Hall H and Ballroom 20, better offsite events, no huge preregistration lines to deal with. And that’s just to name a few reasons. But there’s always room for improvement, ... Read More »

Comic-Con Souvenir Book Features Justice League Relaunch Art

There’s been lots of fanfare but little actual art of the new Justice League, relaunching in September. Well, Comic-Con International kindly reminds us that it’s the comics that made the con, by giving us an exclusive of the JL on the cover of this year’s official souvenir book, courtesy of Jim Lee himself. And remember, all attendees get one of ... Read More »

BOOM! Studios Announces Line-Up of Guests and SDCC Exclusives

Okay, let us get all sentimental for a second. Comic-Con isn’t just big Hollywood events. it’s about comics, too – let’s not forget that. And Comic-Con has lots of comic publishers and creators, from the mega-popular to the ultra-obscure. Somewhere in the middle is one of my favorite comic book companies, BOOM! Studios. Being a father, BOOM!’s kids line of ... Read More »

The Video Games of SDCC 2011

Comic-Con isn’t just for comics anymore, this much we know. But over the past couple of years, video games have been taking a more prominent role on the show floor. With E3 just past and video game companies prepping for a big push into the second half of the year, expect this year to be no different. Let’s take a ... Read More »

Cowboys & Aliens will Likely Premiere at Petco Park!

UPDATE: The park must not have worked out as Favreau just announced through his Twitter “World premiere at San Diego Civic Theater Saturday night, 7/23. Printing tix for 2000 fans!” Just moments ago the LA Times Hero Complex blog announced that Cowboys & Aliens will be having its big premiere at this year’s SDCC. Director Jon Favreau has always been ... Read More »

Preliminarily Hobbit Panel Details

The good news is that Comic-Con has started sending out panel confirmations to each group that’s putting one on. The bad news is this doesn’t really affect us. Most of these hosts will keep the info private for at least a few weeks and might not even say anything until the full schedule drops very close to the con. Some ... Read More »

Reboots vs The Con

Around the time that the new Ghost Rider film was confirmed for the con, two other films also locked inĀ appearances. The Amazing Spider-Man took to their official site and launched a “Face Of The Fan” contest where you can submit a video saying why they should send you to SDCC to meet with the talent for the film. At the ... Read More »

The New TV Shows of SDCC 2011

2011 is another huge year for new shows at SDCC as all the networks are expected to bring a handful of their upcoming programming to show off and get the buzz going. Which of the new shows will be filling the convention center is the big question though, and I attempt to answer it after the break. Read More »

Check out Mattel’s SDCC Collectibles

Even though we’re still three months away from the con, this is about the time that collectors are likely to start saving up. A few dollars here, a couple quarters there, then when SDCC finally rolls around they have a big stack of change to spend on some of the coolest and most collectible items around. Today Mattel announced a ... Read More »