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The New TV Shows of SDCC 2011

2011 is another huge year for new shows at SDCC as all the networks are expected to bring a handful of their upcoming programming to show off and get the buzz going. Which of the new shows will be filling the convention center is the big question though, and I attempt to answer it after the break. Read More »

EXCLUSIVE NBC Store Details Con Plans!

NBC store has responded to my inquiry saying that they “will be all over SDCC and items will be at various booths, panels, and events, and we’ll be giving items away. but only for sale online.” They also clarified that they will not be selling the items announced earlier on the floor. but they are working on other options and ... Read More »

NBC Con Exclusives!

UPDATE: The site has been updated to say each item is not at the con and only at the site. I have contacted them for confirmation for this weird statement! NBC store has released all of their exclusives which are now available to preorder! They look pretty good though I am kind of dissapointed in the ugly chuck shirt! Check ... Read More »