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Autograph Schedule Among Updates Posted to Official Comic-Con Site

The “Countdown to Comic-Con” continues, with a mere four days until Preview Night! We can hardly believe it ourselves, and we can’t wait to be on that jumbo jet, San Diego bound. The folks at Comic-Con International, organizers for the big show, can’t wait to see all of us either, and they’ve been unveiling news and schedules on a daily ... Read More »

Shuttle and Trolley Info For Comic-Con

Comic-Con is great not just because of the events going on inside of the convention center, but everything going on in the surrounding areas of downtown San Diego as well. Being so close to the Gaslamp District gives attendees a lot of great nightlife, restaurants, bars, and plenty of offsite events. With everything going on after the doors to the ... Read More »

CCI Adds Official Comic-Con Exclusives Guide

We’ve been waiting for this for a couple of weeks, and it’s finally arrived. CCI has published their annual Comic-Con Exclusives guide on the official website. The guide has been a great resource in year’s past, and this year is no different. You can select a specific company from a drop down and get the lowdown on all of their ... Read More »

Spielberg Will Be at Hall H for Tintin Panel!

Several sources have confirmed Steven Spielberg will be among the guests during the Hall H panel for The Adventures of Tintin. Here’s what you need to know: the panel is on Friday, July 22 in Hall H and is the first panel of the day at 11AM, so you if you want a seat to see the man who made ... Read More »

Comic-Con Souvenir Book Features Justice League Relaunch Art

There’s been lots of fanfare but little actual art of the new Justice League, relaunching in September. Well, Comic-Con International kindly reminds us that it’s the comics that made the con, by giving us an exclusive of the JL on the cover of this year’s official souvenir book, courtesy of Jim Lee himself. And remember, all attendees get one of ... Read More »

BOOM! Studios Announces Line-Up of Guests and SDCC Exclusives

Okay, let us get all sentimental for a second. Comic-Con isn’t just big Hollywood events. it’s about comics, too – let’s not forget that. And Comic-Con has lots of comic publishers and creators, from the mega-popular to the ultra-obscure. Somewhere in the middle is one of my favorite comic book companies, BOOM! Studios. Being a father, BOOM!’s kids line of ... Read More »

Dark Horse Comic-Con 2011 Signing Schedule Announced

Let us throw some names at you: Bruce Campbell, Morgan Spurlock, the Falling Skies cast, Mike Mignola, Joss Whedon. Those are just a few celebrities among the popular comic publisher’s packed signing schedule which was announced today. Four days overflowing with the “who’s who” of the comic and geek-culture world, as only Dark Horse does year in and year out. ... Read More »

WB Announces Bag Designs for SDCC- And It’s a Backpack This Year!

Anyone who has ever been to SDCC can tell you the one free give-away accessory that they absolutely can’t do without.  That accessory?  The huge bags from WB, into which con attendees can stuff all the other awesome swag they get on the convention floor.  The WB started to make and distribute the bags in 2006, and last year they teamed ... Read More »

Comic-Con Real Steel Banners in San Diego

SDCC Blog reader Pat Loika sent us some pics he took showing the Comic-Con banners are up throughout San Diego. And they’re promoting Real Steel, the Dreamworks movie starring Hugh Jackman hitting theaters in October. Hmmm…Dreamworks has been rumored to be largely sitting out of this year’s con, so why promote a movie so heavily when people won’t even be ... Read More »