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Ace Parking Sale for SDCC 2014 Failure Due to DDoS Attack

If you tried to purchase parking passes for San Diego Comic-Con in the Ace Parking sale today, the odds are that you left empty handed. However, that outcome was definitely not for lack of trying, either on the part of attendees or on the part of Ace Parking. This morning at 9AM PT, attendees and Ace Parking both seemed excited ... Read More »

New Comic-Con Parking System is Live for Account Creation

It’s not every day that we’re able to get a head start on a big Comic-Con sales event, so chalk another one up for Ace Parking, who is aiming to push aside last year’s parking sales woes with a new system and added convenience for attendees. The new system, which we documented earlier in the month, allows users the ability ... Read More »

A Tour of Ace Parking’s New Comic-Con Parking Sales System

During our conversation with Ace Parking Chief Information Officer Jon Gjerset, we were able to get the first public demonstration of the company’s new parking sales system built for Comic-Con. Users won’t be able to kick the tires on it until closer to the announced May 20 sale date, but we are able to share with our readers an early peek at ... Read More »

Parking Pass Rates, Locations Announced for Comic-Con Sale [Update: Service Fees]

Information continues to trickle out regarding the San Diego Comic-Con parking sale, announced for Tuesday, May 20 at 9AM PT. Late yesterday, Ace Parking published a Frequently Asked Questions page in regards to the upcoming sale highlighting some of the changes for 2014. Multi-car families, or those who are carpooling, will be especially pleased, as the system no longer prompts for ... Read More »

Ace Parking SDCC 2014 Sale Set for May 20th

One of the final pieces of pre-planning for San Diego Comic-Con (outside of programming, at least) has been announced: Parking. Ace Parking CIO Jon Gjerset revealed on Twitter that the sale for SDCC parking permits will take place on Tuesday, May 20th at 9 AM — presumably PT. More details are still to come, which will likely includes lot locations ... Read More »

Ace Parking To Use New System for SDCC in 2014 [UPDATE]

SDCC Parking Lot Options

Scroll down to the end for updates to this post. We’ve known for some time that Ace Parking was shooting for “mid-May”, and since then there has been a slow trickle of information in regards to the upcoming Comic-Con parking pass sale. While we were at WonderCon this past weekend, some additional information was revealed which sheds  a bit more light ... Read More »

Parking Information for WonderCon Anaheim

There’s a lot of planning that goes into attending a convention – you need a ticket, a place to sleep, to plan your schedule, and you also need to know where to park your car so you don’t wind up walking five miles or paying $40 per day. Today, Comic-Con International revealed parking information for WonderCon Anaheim, just in time ... Read More »

A Guide To Parking At San Diego Comic-Con

San Diego Comic-Con Parking

Note: Because of the amount of information we received which was specific to the 2013 Ace Parking SDCC parking pass presale, we decided to compile it into its own post. As a result, we’ve pulled some of the previously updated information from here and put it into that new post. If you find some information  missing since the last time you looked, ... Read More »

Getting Ready For SDCC: Four Months And Counting…

If you were fortunate enough to survive gauntlet of the recent badge sales and the hotel lottery, then let me be the first to say for all your bleeding, you deserve a Purple Heart. There have been more references comparing it to The Hunger Games then a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Unfortunately, there is no rest for the weary. As ... Read More »