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SDCC Open Badge Registration: Recap and Next Steps

4 day pass comic con badge

After months of nail-biting anticipation, the march toward San Diego Comic-Con 2014 took a big step forward earlier this morning with the annual open online registration event. And it’s been a long road thus far. Attendee hopefuls have had to weather several delays of badge sales due to the revamped registration system, put in place to handle the stress of ... Read More »

SDCC Open Registration Locked For March 15

convention center comic con line

Fans of San Diego Comic-Con have been very patient this year, but we can all breathe a sigh of relief, because for better or worse, the process of finding out if you’ll get to attend the biggest, best pop culture convention has almost come to an end. Comic-Con International just announced that Open Registration badge sales will be taking place ... Read More »

SDCC Badge Refunds Now Come At A Price [UPDATE: Not Until 2015]

Photo by Chance Agrella

Comic-Con barcodes started going out yesterday for those who purchased a badge in the Preregistration sale on Saturday, well within CCI’s 72-hour window to get those out to attendees. While your mileage on how the sale went might have varied, even for those who did walk away with at least one badge, there’s one thing that’s for sure this year – ... Read More »

Trade Professional Registration Opens Tomorrow

Sails Pavilion Floor and Crowd shot sdcc 2013

With Creative Professional and Preregistration badge sales behind us, it may seem like almost everyone has a badge. However, there are still thousands of attendees on the edge of their seats waiting to hear news for press, trade professional, and open online registration. We now have news for at least one of those: Trade Professional Registration. We received an e-mail ... Read More »

Under The Tents: Badge Pick-Up, San Diego Symphony Events, Star Wars, Power Rangers, Doug Jones, Shout! Factory

star wars book

Comic-Con is creeping closer, and as it does, we’re finding out more and more about what we can expect at this year’s convention. This week we have news on badge pick-up procedures, several offsite events with the San Diego Symphony, a Star Wars book that will debut at SDCC, a big Power Rangers appearance, Hellboy‘s Doug Jones, and confirmations from ... Read More »

SDCC Badge Preregistration Recap: The Good and The Bad

sdcc 2014 Waiting Room Video Screenshot

After months of delays and system testing, everyone hoping to return to San Diego Comic-Con in 2014 was growing restless and skeptical of the new registration system’s promised performance improvements. And they sure had reason to be – with the increased demand for badges over the past few years, the registration process has cost many a chance with its frequent ... Read More »

The SDConCast LIVE 2014 Preregistration Show! [Update - Thanks Everyone!]


It’s finally happening. After several weeks of waiting, badge registration season for San Diego Comic-Con 2014 has begun! We’re just as excited for attendees to finally get their hands on badges for this year’s convention as anyone, and to share that excitement we’ll be officially kicking off what will be a fantastic year for geeks everywhere with our first live ... Read More »