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Under the Tents: Dark Horse, Lord Mesa, Loren Lester, Moon’s Creations, Dark Ink, Bored Inc., Resident Evil

To help you get through this Hump Day, we’ve got two rounds of Under the Tents for you today! This second edition features updates on everything from what you’ll be seeing at Dark Horse’s booth, what you can grab from Lord Mesa, who you’ll be seeing on the Batman and Harley Quinn panel Q&A following the world premiere, to the world’s ... Read More »

Under the Tents: DKE, LEGO, Toddland, Randy Martinez, Cosplay Photos

In between your Saturday night partying and binge-TV-watching, take some time to catch up with the latest San Diego Comic-Con news. We’ve got updates on artists like Disney’s Lorelay Bove, exhibitors including LEGO and DKE, some crocheted creations, and much more. And then you can get back to Netflix, okay? Here’s a look at what you might have missed: Disney ... Read More »