Funko Fundays “Freddy’s Funtastic Voyage” Sets Course for San Diego Comic-Con 2024 [UPDATE June 17]

As announced last month, Fundays is back at San Diego Comic-Con this year, and they’re going bigger than ever. Get ready to sail the high seas (or at least the Manchester Grand Hyatt steps) for Funko Fundays’ 2024, which will feature two nights (set for Friday, July 26 and Saturday, July 27), and a theme of “Freddy’s Funtastic Voyage”.

Yes, Funko is heading back to their previous home base of the Manchester Grand Hyatt, rather than the Rady Shell (and anyone who had last year’s “food” offerings is likely breathing a sigh of relief right now).

The event will be the same across both nights, to give more fans a chance to attend. Mike Becker, Funko’s “COF” (Chief Officer of Fun), also hinted at a special surprise for fans.

[UPDATE June 17]

Funko has confirmed that tickets will go on sale tomorrow, on Tuesday, June 18. A later Tweet indicated that ticket info would be “making landfall” at 5:30PM PT, likely meaning that the sale would be then.  Keep an eye on their social channels as typically, the link and password will drop simultaneously on their Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

No word if the tickets will be “first-come-first-serve” or a lottery.

Best of luck to all.

[UPDATE June 16]

As reported by Dis Trackers, Funday’s tickets will be $200 per person, before fees. Eligible Funko Funatic Forum members get first dibs at an allotment of tickets each year, and eligible members who entered their lottery can purchase now. That should mean that the general tickets should go on sale any day now.

Additionally, tickets will be limited to two per customer, and you will have to choose which night you wish to attend. One person cannot redeem multiple boxes for additional Boxes of Fun — they are limited to one per attendee.


Ticket details are still to be announced, but someone willing to spend a lot of money (say, $8500 or so) can try to grab Funko’s Pirate Freddy “Fun of One” digital Dropp. The holder of the digital Funko on July 17 at 11am PT will receive two tickets to Fundays… but again, that’s a pretty pricy option. You can find more information on Dropp’s site.

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