SDCC Newbie Guide – Part III: Groceries and Smartphones

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Okay, your plane landed, you’ve checked into the hotel, and you’re ready for Comic-Con to start. You have your schedule planned, you’ve booked every offsite event you could get in to, and you’ve got a room full of packing supplies to ship home all that great stuff you’re going to get. The lobby is crazy with people, the streets filled … Read More

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SDCC Newbie Guide – Part II: Merchandise [Updated for 2012]

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For those going to SDCC for the first time this year, your expectations are that you are going to get swag. A lot of it. And you are correct. Bags, t-shirts, posters, comics and other tchotchkes handed out seemingly at every turn on the show floor. And that’s in addition to all the stuff you’re going to buy at the … Read More

Ghost Rider Sequel Set for the Con

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The Ghost Rider sequel, scheduled to hit theaters in 2012, looks like it will be giving us all nightmares with some sort of presence at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, the dynamic directing duo who gave us Crank and its sequel Crank 2: High Voltage, will be directing Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance with Nicolas … Read More

The Returning TV Shows of SDCC 2011

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Who says there isn’t anything worth watching on TV? It’s evident the networks haven’t abandoned the SDCC crowd, based on the line-up of new shows scheduled for summer and fall. This, on top of the shows returning to the airwaves in 2011, will undoubtedly give our DVRs a workout. Let’s take a look at which returning TV shows might be … Read More

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SDCC Newbie Guide – Part I: Offsite Events and Scheduling [Updated for 2012]

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There can be only one… Whether you’ve attended a local Wizard con, or even the bigger cons like C2E2 in Chicago or New York Comic Con, you’ll never experience anything as awesome as San Diego Comic Con. Take even your most inflated expectations, multiply them by 100, and you’re still just a fraction of what you’ll find yourself a part … Read More