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Get Ready: Online Badge Registration In Less Than 48 Hours!

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Jeremy Rutz3 Comments

The day is almost upon us. For months, thousands have been anxiously awaiting for the chance to score a badge to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. Not to stress anyone out, but in less than two days, the waiting will come to an end. #dontpanic Online badge registration for SDCC 2013 will begin at 9AM PT / 12PM ET on … Read More

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SDCC Volunteering for 2013 Now Closed

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Jeremy Rutz12 Comments

For a short time last week, Comic-Con International was taking volunteer registrations for San Diego Comic-Con through the Member ID site before the link was taken down. Since then, we’ve been getting a steady stream of requests from our readers regarding the status of volunteer registration, and when it might again become available. We asked CCI, and unfortunately if you didn’t have … Read More

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Save The Date! SDCC Badge Registration is February 16!

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Jeremy Rutz6 Comments

It all comes down to this. In just two short weeks, the general public will finally get a shot at badges for Comic-Con 2013. Comic-Con International made the announcement this afternoon that badge registration for this year’s con will go on sale Saturday, February 16 at 12 PM ET / 9AM PT. That means in order for you to get … Read More

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SDCC 2013 Open Registration: Pre-Registration Buyers Left Out?

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Jeremy Rutz15 Comments

We received a tip from one of our readers regarding the SDCC 2013 open registration policy, which may have an impact to both pre-registration folks and those waiting to participate in open registration. SDCCBlog reader Shirley posted that her friend had contacted CCI about upgrading or buying additional badges during open registration which were purchased during the pre-registration sale in … Read More

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SDCC 2013 Online Badge Pre-Registration Announced

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Jeremy Rutz5 Comments

We’ve only put a few weeks between us and SDCC 2012, otherwise known as the greatest year in Comic-Con history. We came, we saw, and it absolutely kicked our butts. But like in the Godfather, just when we got adjusted to “normal” life, they keep pulling us back in. CCI has sent emails out to 2012 badge holders that the … Read More

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SDCC 2012 Resale Date for Cancelled / Returned Badges UPDATED

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Jeremy Rutz4 Comments

[UPDATED May 31 2012]: The San Diego Union-Tribune is reporting all cancelled and returned badges go on sale this morning, May 31, at 11AM ET / 8AM PT. Everyone who registered for a Member ID by the May 24 deadline has been notified via email of the sale. The official Comic-Con registration page has not yet been updated with this information. … Read More

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No On-Site SDCC 2013 Pre-Registration, Info Revealed Via Survey

In Badge/Hotel News, General News by Jeremy Rutz22 Comments

There will be NO on-site pre-registration for 2013 at this year’s SDCC. This morning, 2012 SDCC pass holders received an email from CCI, the organizers of San Diego Comic-Con, on the future of the on-site pre-registration process. The email linked to a survey of eight questions suggesting CCI is looking at pre-registration via a restricted online sale for current-year pass … Read More

The Controversy of the 2012 Comic-Con Pre-Registration

In Badge/Hotel News, Editorials/Opinions by Jeremy Rutz2 Comments

It’s been no secret how trying the ticket registration process has been for this year’s con. First it started when it was announced all Preview Night tickets for 2011 were sold to attendees last year, during pre-registration. That created a frenzy for everyone who wanted to get tickets this year, to make a mad dash to the online ticket registration … Read More