Grading The Major Thursday TV and Movie Panels

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The Thursday schedule is jam packed with awesome panels but the question becomes which are must see and what can you skip. In this post I’ll break down the major Thursday panels in both Film and TV. After a brief rundown of what is expected I’ll give it a grade between A+ (Must See) and F (Avoid). Read on to … Read More

Eight Movie Themed Panels for Those Looking to Avoid Hall H

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Yes, Hall H is a magical place. It’s where the biggest movies at Comic-Con go to premiere footage and bring out the star power. It is also packed, sweaty, hard to get into, and huge enough that most people won’t even be able so see the talent on stage. Many attendees (including me) have gotten used to this and spend much of … Read More

Will Studio Problems Stop The Cabin in the Woods and Let Me In From Attending SDCC?

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Though many attendees might think that movies can just roll in to Comic-Con and have a panel, it’s actually a ton of work for the studios. They have to organize their talent, prepare footage, book hotel rooms, fly out everyone involved, and probably set up a booth in the exhibit hall. This becomes an issue when a studio’s funds and management are weak; and this … Read More

Could Paul Bring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and Many Others to SDCC?

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Just as Edgar Wright is bringing Scott Pilgrim to the con, his frequent collaborators Simon Pegg and Nick Frost may bring their upcoming sci-fi comedy Paul to SDCC as well. Paul is a film that many, including me, have mostly forgotten about as it was filmed around the same time as Pilgrim but has since been stuck in Post-Production without … Read More