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CONTEST: Win Two Passes for A San Diego Symphony Comic-Con Weekend Concert

In Offsites by Jeremy Rutz4 Comments

What’s just as important as planning your day inside San Diego Comic-Con is planning your schedule outside of the convention. Increasingly, organizers put on so many awesome events in the businesses and venues surrounding the Convention Center each year, that it’s hard to see it all, let alone narrow down to a must-do list each night. It’s only early May, … Read More

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No Badge Resale for SDCC 2014

In Badge/Hotel News by Kerry Dixon5 Comments

For the first time in recent history, San Diego Comic-Con will not be holding its traditional badge resale. In previous years, Comic-Con International has offered a limited resale of refunded Comic-Con badges, allowing those who were shut out during Preregistration or the General Sale (or who only scored a few days) one final chance to snag a badge to the … Read More

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Aaron Taylor-Johnson Reveals ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ Visit at Comic-Con [UPDATE]

In Panel & Autograph News by James Riley4 Comments

Get your camping gear ready, it’s going to be a long line for Hall H. We’ve expected for a while now that Avengers: Age of Ultron would be making an appearance at San Diego Comic-Con this year. After all, the sequel to the most successful superhero film of all time made its debut at SDCC last year with a teaser … Read More

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GeekShot Exclusive Photo Series (Week 8)

In General News by James RileyLeave a Comment

Welcome to the GeekShot Photo Exclusive Series. This will be a weekly post featuring cool, interesting, or just plain awesome moments we have captured during San Diego Comic-Con. Each week we’ll post a photo by Beth or James of GeekShot Photography. We may include a short story about the photo, but sometimes we’ll just let the photo speak for itself. About … Read More

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Under the Tents: Smaug Painting Demo, Fallen, Naruto Statue, Artists, Panels, The Realmwalker Chronicles, Gravity Falls

In Exclusives, General News, Offsites, Panel & Autograph News by The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog Staff3 Comments

We’re now in the time of year when if you look away for a minute, you might miss out on some exciting updates for July’s San Diego Comic-Con. Don’t worry though, we have you covered with a fresh “Under The Tents” full of news on panels from the Comics Arts Conference films, and Gravity Falls, as well as more exclusives, … Read More

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Cinequest Pre-Orders Up For Supernatural ‘Blade Runners’ SDCC Variant Metallicar

In Exclusives by Jeremy Rutz3 Comments has announced its first exclusive for San Diego Comic-Con 2014, which is sure to please fans of the Winchester boys. A 1:64-scale die-cast variant of the boys’ 1967 Chevy Impala from the “Blade Runners” episode from Supernatural Season 9, which aired this past March, has been unveiled as a SDCC convention exclusive from the licensed movie-memorabilia and collectibles manufacturer. The variant will … Read More

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SDConCast Special Episode: Interviews with Kidrobot and Super7

In Exclusives, Podcast by Jeremy RutzLeave a Comment

One of the most exciting booths we were able to check out at Toy Fair 2014 belonged to Kidrobot, producer of designer collectibles and venerable Comic-Con exclusive exhibitor. The company was showing off its 2014 retail offerings, which included a treasure trove of licenses every SDCC attendee would salivate over: Futurama, The Simpsons, CAPCOM, and now Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, … Read More

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A Tour of Ace Parking’s New Comic-Con Parking Sales System

In General News, Guides by Jeremy Rutz13 Comments

During our conversation with Ace Parking Chief Information Officer Jon Gjerset, we were able to get the first public demonstration of the company’s new parking sales system built for Comic-Con. Users won’t be able to kick the tires on it until closer to the announced May 20 sale date, but we are able to share with our readers an early peek at … Read More

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Ace Parking CIO John Gjerset Discusses System Improvements for Comic-Con 2014

In Features, Interviews by Jeremy Rutz4 Comments

For Southern California attendees, the last big step toward San Diego Comic-Con 2014 is the annual parking pass sale, which is scheduled for May 20. Ace Parking, which has handled parking passes the past three years, is attempting to erase the problems which plagued last year’s sale — and avoid the fate of badge and hotel sales before it — by implementing … Read More

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Parking Pass Rates, Locations Announced for Comic-Con Sale [Update: Service Fees]

In General News by Jeremy Rutz10 Comments

Information continues to trickle out regarding the San Diego Comic-Con parking sale, announced for Tuesday, May 20 at 9AM PT. Late yesterday, Ace Parking published a Frequently Asked Questions page in regards to the upcoming sale highlighting some of the changes for 2014. Multi-car families, or those who are carpooling, will be especially pleased, as the system no longer prompts for … Read More