SDCC 2013 Early Bird Hotel Sale Starts January 23

Courtyard Marriott Mission ValleyThe new year is barely underway and already we have news to report for 2013 SDCC attendees.

CCI today announced they will be holding their annual Early Bird Hotel Sale this Wednesday January 23 at 12 PM ET / 9 AM PT.

What does this mean for those attending, or even those hopeful of attending, this year’s con? Here are some of the specifics:

  • A limited number of hotel rooms will be made available in the Mission Valley and Airport areas.
  • The Early Bird Hotel Sale prices are only valid BEFORE attendee housing opens and will not be available at a later date. These prices are good until March 11.
  • Some of the hotels in Mission Valley will also be offering special incentives for those booking early.
  • Full payment is required at time of booking. Any changes to the reservation will be accepted up to March 11.
  • Downtown San Diego hotels will not be available in the Early Bird Sale.

CCI also emphasizes that booking an Early Bird room does not guarantee you a badge, so you’ll still have to try your hand in the badge purchase process whenever it is announced for the general public in the coming months. And because you’ll have to prepay your reservation, you might get stuck with a room without a badge. So as long as you don’t mind the chance of having to rely on the offsite events, we say go for it.

And to be clear, this isn’t the main hotel derby that happens each spring, but rather an early chance for some folks to secure a cheap room along the shuttle route. Better safe than sorry, we say!

Check out the CCI page for all the details, mark your calendars, and good luck!

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  • Jason

    Do you know if the hotel reservations can be cancelled and refunded if it turns out you can’t get a badge? I know you mentioned something possibly getting stuck with a room and no ticket. But just double checking if the rooms are refundable, as usually rooms are refundable if you cancel by a certain date.

  • To clarify, the #SDCC Early Bird Hotel Sale is only for Mission Valley and Airport area hotels, badges not included.

  • Jeremy Rutz

    Jason – doesn’t seem like it. The details are very specific in stating the rooms are prepaid and non-refundable and caution folks who don’t currently have a badge, in the event they are unable to get one.

  • Charlotte K

    The shuttle was a joke last year. We stayed at the big complex out in the valley, and you had to wait 4 to 6 hours in the sun before got a bus, then dropped us off at PetCo AT ALL HOURS – and pick up also there for all hours, even though was promised eveing drop off and pick up at convention center. Then elevator closed at PetCo – no relief for walking disabled. Found out you could arrange special pickup appointments for wheeled disabled et al – boy that was convenient for the spur of the moment conventioneer. Lucky the San Diego subway/train ran by the hotel during most of the day – no 24 hour service – or I would still be in line at the hotel waiting for a shuttle.

  • Reminder! #SDCC Early Bird Hotel Sale today at 12PM ET/9AM PT. Mission Valley, Airport areas only, non-refundable.

  • Zach

    I think I will be taking part in this again. I did this last year and thoroughly pleased with my hotel and with the shuttle service! Everything was easy to navigate and the shuttles were always prompt and available! They made my first SDCC experience a breeze! The only part I don’t like is the non-refundable part, but I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed to get a badge this year again!! Eek.

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