Funko San Diego Comic-Con 2015 Exclusives [UPDATE June 29]

Funko has changed a lot over the years at San Diego Comic-Con. The once upstart toy company has become a major player that draws just as much attention as Hasbro, LEGO, or any of the other cornerstone exclusive dealers at the con. There isn’t a licensed property Funko has met that they didn’t like, and this year it looks like they may not have an exclusive that attendees won’t want.

In an effort to bring more product directly to SDCC attendees, there will not be a pre-buy option this year.

[UPDATE] At the convention, Funko is limiting customers to one of each figure that they want to purchase. Attendees are welcome to buy any selection of figures they want (depending on availability), but they will only receive one of each.

Here’s a look at this year’s exclusives:

[UPDATE June 29]

If we’re being honest, this final wave is the 10th wave we’ve done.

[UPDATE June 26]

Wave nine is here. Which means we’re getting closer to having as many waves as Friday the 13th movies.

[UPDATE June 24]

Hannibal fans are in for a special treat this year’s Comic-Con thanks to Funko. Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller is not only getting his own, extremely limited Pop! (its limited to a run of 144 pieces), but he’ll also be signing at the Funko booth on Friday, July 10 at 2PM. The line for Fuller’s signing, which is also the line for the Pop! figures, will not begin to form before 1PM. The figures will be $15 each, and you will not be able to purchase other Funko merchandise from the booth during that time.


Here are today’s regular exclusives reveals:

We sense wave 8 will keep Funatics busy trying to acquire.

[UPDATE June 22]

Wave seven and the collectors are in heaven.

[UPDATE June 19]

Wave six is here and Baltar is having an emotional reaction.

[UPDATE June 17]

Wave number 5 is alive! We hope you don’t short circuit with all these awesome new reveals.

[UPDATE June 15]

Watch out for golf balls! It’s wave four of exclusives coming your way.

[UPDATE June 12]

The latest wave of exclusives is like being washed over by cool awesomeness. Which one do you hope floats into your shopping bag?

[UPDATE June 10]

Funko’s latest batch of exclusives have been revealed. Which one is going to keep you up at night hoping to nab?

[UPDATE June 8]

Are you brave enough to fight the crowds at the Funko booth? If so, what are you after? Let us know in the comments.

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The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog Staff
  • Dan Page

    Gotta be that Chimichangas van!

  • Gabriel Brazell

    getting a spot in the Funko line was such a pain last year…I hope there will be a more streamlined process this time around!

  • well damnit. I’m gonna need that Castiel.

  • German Lopez

    That gold Frieza is awesome!! I really hope these will available at alternate eshops.

  • TheMurci

    usually they are, at insane prices 🙁

  • German Lopez

    Really? Dang, well that sucks. i might have to find someone to hook me up.

  • Ginnie

    Something else I’ll never have, exclusives be damned.

  • Destiny

    For the funkos, do you need to be there on a specific day out of the four this year? Such as Wednesday, or Thursday? I have my eyes on a specific funko and I really don’t want to miss out on getting my hands on it seeing I’m only going for Thursday…

  • workingforthemandroid

    They put out some of each exclusive every day of the con. You have to be one of the first ones in line when convention doors open to get any of the popular things, and that’s if they don’t cap the line before doors open with other vendor people being in line. That was a huge disappointment last year that the line was always capped before anyone ever got into the door.

  • SKB

    Is it kosher to ask someone in line if they are purchasing something and, if not, to ask if they would purchase one thing for me? First time attendee and only interested in the flaming anger guy. Thanks in advance.

  • zakin

    They will all be available on eBay or Amazon for list price a couple weeks later.

  • zakin

    I love Big Hero 6 and have both of the Baymax 6” pops. But this Baymax exclusive is really stupid.

  • Jsquared

    It also doesn’t help that the line only fits like 20 people.

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  • nmr

    So, stupiid question, but the Funkos are available at the Funko booth, right? Thanks!

  • mmmm

    and if reseller gets first dibs!

  • Len

    I did that a few years ago, actually. I’m not sure if there is some unspoken rule about it but I’m Staff and had to get to my assignment and couldn’t wait. It worked out fine for me! I’m a proud owner of the SDCC 2012 Loki Funko because of it.

  • Kacie

    I’m glad they’re limiting the number you can buy… but I hope that they actually let non-vendors get some? I’m not really into exclusives but my friends really want some of these so I’d like to see it work out for them.

  • Any idea if the limit of one of each is across entire weekend? Because that would be great help to those of us who actually want to own these pops and not just resell them!

  • thepuffytaco

    Was there a Bryan Fuller Wonderfalls Pop figure with him holding a Wax Lion? Or a Bryan Fuller Pushing Daises Pop with him holding a Pie?

  • Talbegal

    First con for me. What is the funko booth process like? Where do I go what do I do? Its the one booth with multiple exclusives I want and thought preview night would be the day I wait. Thanks in advance!

  • Dana

    I would buy both of those 😮

  • keeleon

    2 years in a row, I ran to their booth at door opening to find it capped already. Filled with vendor badges buying to resell. Ridiculous.

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  • Lesley Johnson

    After you check out the Funko booth, check out McFadden’s on 5th off site Comic Con lineup! Karaoke, the band Green Jelly, even the HOFF himself is making an appearance….come hassel him.

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  • Annie

    Hot Topic is selling them. The sticker says Convention 2015 instead of SDCC.

  • German Lopez

    Yeah i ordered mine online on the 9th.

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