CCI Beaming Comic-Con Attendees to ‘Star Trek Beyond’ Premiere

star trek beyond sliderAfter what feels like a very long wait, Comic-Con International announced today that they’re finally ready to start beaming San Diego Comic-Con 2016 attendees to the premiere (because we can’t really call it the world premiere anymore) of Star Trek Beyond. Through a lottery. You’re all shocked.

The offsite premiere will be held Wednesday, July 20, at the Embarcadero Marina Park in IMAX – and the San Diego Symphony will be performing the score live. While it may not be the first time anyone in the world will have seen the film, it will be the red carpet world premiere – as stars from the film will be on hand to introduce it, making it a night to remember.

To score tickets, you’ll need to o to Embarcadero Marina Park South starting at 11AM on Wednesday, July 20, where a drawing will start at 12PM noon. Once there, get in line to pick a ticket out of a container. The winning tickets will have a distinct stamp on the back. Once a winning ticket has been drawn, the ticket will be exchanged for two wristbands that will admit the wearers into the World Premiere of Star Trek Beyond! If you do not draw a winning ticket, you may return to the end of the line to try again until all winning tickets have been drawn. Only one winning ticket is allowed per person. Tickets will be drawn between 12PM and 2PM or until all winning tickets are drawn. Both people wishing to attend the screening must be in attendance at the time of the drawing to be wrist-banded.

Badges or a valid barcode (for any days) are required.

For those who aren’t successful at nabbing tickets, or who simply want to know their plans more than a few hours ahead of time, don’t forget that you can still watch the film (but sans celebrities) on Wednesday night at the AMC Mission Valley (or in just about any other major city).

Are you excited to boldly go to Star Trek Beyond? Let us know in the comments.

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  • straightline


  • mimi

    Makes you have to decide movie or exclusives. Sad.

  • Nvj4

    I’ll be at the Enchantment party, our flight gets in after the drawing. So we have no choice to make.

  • alphadawg7

    Flight doesn’t even get in until after 2.

  • The Value Life

    what time does the movie start again?

  • Meowingsue

    So only people who have a preview night badge are eligible?

  • Meowingsue

    Never mind. I just read the CCI page & it says you need a badge for any day.

  • Dennis Urech

    This sucks! I and many others that are coming in from out of state will not be arriving until earlier afternoon. Perhaps if they had announce this wonderful plan a month ago, I (and others) might have been able to make/change travel arrangements to get into town earlier

  • thepuffytaco

    “Badges are required”

    Again… what about international attendees who can’t pick up their badges as it won’t be available till 3PM!?!

  • thepuffytaco

    Please update the news article…

    “a limited number of fans, who have a valid Comic-Con badge or bar code
    for any day of the show, will have the chance to attend this special
    screening. ”

    So international attendees are okay. Stating that a “badge is required” is misleading.

  • Candice M

    My plane lands at 10.

    I need confirmation on Idris.

  • taximom00sga

    How many tickets will be distributed?

  • travelertoo2

    So, the person drawing for the winning ticket must have a badge or barcode, but what if their friend, whom they want to give the second wristband to, does not have a badge?

  • zonkttc

    oh well sucks to be your group.

  • Dennis Urech

    Its not my “group”. It is just that many of us are traveling into San Diego and had to make travel arrangements a while ago. All I’m saying is to give the most CC attendees the opportunity to get a ticket for the the movie, they should have announced this “plan” sometime ago, or devised a different distribution method. Well, while you and others are viewing the movie, it should mean fewer people in the Exhibition Hall.

  • ray feighery

    most years we wouldn’t be getting in until Noon. This year by chance we’re coming in on the 19th. Don’t get why they couldn’t have done the drawing a few hours later.

  • ray feighery

    It’s for Comic-Con attendees only as I understand it so they would need a badge.

  • Michael Waldo

    Anyone know when they start the line? Do I have to get in a line at 5am, or camp out tonight to draw at noon?

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