San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Dates Possibly Revealed

[UPDATE] The 2017 Quick Guide has now confirmed these dates! Preview Night is typically left off basically all event listings – so the real dates should still be July 19-23, 2017.


[PREVIOUS] As first reported by An Englishman in San Diego, it’s entirely possible that we have San Diego Comic-Con 2017 dates. And it’s good news for those of you who (like us) prefer your conventions in late July, as all signs right now are pointing to July 19-23, 2017.

For the last few years, the dates for future conventions have been quietly revealed on the San Diego Convention Center’s website, well ahead of an official announcement from Comic-Con International. Back on January 4, we discovered 2016 dates a good six months ahead of CCI’s announcement. And now, the Convention Center has quietly added a new entry that looks very familiar to SDCC attendees:


130,000 attendees? A Thursday-Sunday convention? Not much else that could be.

Historically, the San Diego Convention Center leaves off Wednesday’s Preview Night date from their calendar, which would set the convention at July 19-23, 2017 for all four and a half days.

Will you be checking hotel sites now? Let us know in the comments.

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  • jamesapril

    Good to know. I have visited the convention on occasion; in 2007 and 2010. I stayed away awhile because the convention is very commercialized — and the comic book section is quite a small area. It’s definitely the Mecca of comics & pop culture and I’m shooting for 2017. Lots of rumors it may move but I don’t think so. These guys who own SDCC are pretty shrewd businessmen despite it being ‘non profit’ (wink-wink). I fly down from San Fran. Good article!

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  • Miguel Hernandez

    I’m already in line for Hall H for 2017.

  • Evie Thomas

    I’ve just provisionally booked a travellodge for those dates. I’m in the UK and have never been before! Does anyone know how much the comic con tickets are? And when they go on sale? Anyone who’s been before would be a huge help!

  • velo7

    It’s very complicated process to purchase a badge – and in no way a guarantee that you actually be able to purchase a badge. Worse, badges won’t go on sale until Feb 2017, leaving very little time to plan.
    Good luck! I hope it works out for you!

  • ExiledinCA

    The process is not complicated. You start by going to comic-con’s website to get a comic-con ID. Make sure to check the option to receive email from cc.

    Sometime in 2017 you will get an email letting you know badges will be sold on such and such a day…most likely a Saturday in Feb 2017.

    On the day you will log into a virtual waiting room and wait for the chance to buy a badge for 1, 2, 3, 4 or 4 days with preview night. I believe each day is $60 USD and night runs $35 USD.

    IF you are lucky enough to score a badge you book your tickets with BA and come over for an interesting holiday.

    There are no guarantees. You might score a badge you might not. Last year, each person could purchase 3 badges (1 for them and 2 for mates). So, I suggest you buy them all under one id to avoid you getting 4 days and your mate/spouse getting 2 days.

  • Evie Thomas

    Thanks so much! I’ve got myself a comic con ID, not even sure who (if anyone) I’m going with yet so will just have to make sure I get them to do that if I do find someone to go with. The badge thing confused me as they’re not “tickets” so I wondered if I had to have a badge to buy a ticket! Also didn’t realise you pick how many days so that’s great thank you! X

  • Tom Witwicky
  • Karen Coulombe

    So, I am interested in the Supernatural panel. I have been to a Supernatural Con but never a Comic Con. Can I buy a seat or is it first come first served? Military or local residents priority purchase maybe? Do they only do the ONE panel during the con?

  • Miguel Hernandez

    It’s always first come, first serve, hence why there are people who camp out overnight. Panels are not charged. You just get in line early enough and hope for the best. There is no priority “purchase” for any of it. Also, I wouldn’t know if they only do the one panel as they won’t announce what panels are happening for a while. We JUST got the dates for next years SDCC.

  • Miguel Hernandez

    It’s not complicated. 1. Made an ID on their site. 2. Wait for the email telling you when they go on sale. 3. Click the link in the email to confirm things. 4. Go in the waiting room to buy tickets. 5. Buy tickets if you are chosen to purchase.

  • Andres Jarrin

    Can someone tell me what the prices for tickets and badges are like? Id like to go to next years comic con!

  • Matthew Moore

    I have signed up for a Comic Con membership for the 2017 Comic Con in San Diego. Is there anything else I need to do in order to be able to purchase tickets for the show?

  • Malini

    Hi Evie:) I just read your comment and was wondering the same thing as I’m from London and was thinking about san diego comic con next year but haven’t got anyone to go with set in stone. Have you done much planning towards it already? x

  • Evie Thomas

    Hi 🙂 as of yet all I’ve done is booked a room at the travel lodge by the convention centre from weds – sun that week. Recently tried to extend and it wouldn’t let me so must have filled up since! I’ve created my “comic-con ID” and will wait to get the email to say that tickets have been released (apparently February normally) and I’ll try and get some. Not gonna book any flights until I’ve got the tickets! I’m gonna see if any of my friends want to come along and will need to know by the time I book the tickets of course. But hey if February comes and I don’t have a companion I’ll let you know we could fly out together! Have you created a comic con ID yet? Xx

  • Malini

    ah I should’ve looked into travelodge! I hope there’s decent hotels nearby. I haven’t created a comic con ID yet- is that done through their website? Yeah we could! Where abouts in the UK will you by flying out from? x

  • jane

    Hey, I’m from the UK too, but having trouble registering for a membership ID. How did you format your phone number to sign up?

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