Exhibitor List for San Diego Comic-Con 2017 Revealed

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San Diego Comic-Con will be here before we know it, and one of the biggest pieces of the puzzle that is the pop culture phenomenon has been unveiled by Comic-Con International. The list of Exhibitors, members of the Small Press and Artist’s Alley sections, as well as the Fan Tables sections, have all been revealed on CCI’s site. The map is also now live.

Before we get started, though, let’s just start here:  The biggest news of the entire exhibit floor? Netflix has a booth. Holy ****.

Over 730 exhibitors (or over 1,000 if you include all areas) are listed for this year’s Comic-Con, covering comics, merchandise, video games, television and film. All the major players in each category are represented — for comics, that includes BOOM! Studios, DC Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics, IDW Publishing, Image Comics, Marvel Entertainment, Oni Press, and Skybound.

For the big studios, there’s Lionsgate (who weirdly isn’t listed in the list of exhibitors, but is on the map) Twentieth Century Fox, Warner Bros., Marvel, and Lucasfilm. Missing, though, for the third year in a row is Sony. Disney will also be represented with the Disney Music Emporium.

On the TV side, fans should head to booths for ABC, Warner Bros., BBC America, Cartoon Network, History Channel, Nickelodeon, AMC, Starz, Twentieth Century Fox, TBS, and Netflix (!!!!). CBS continues to be a no-show, and it’s joined by fellow no-shows for Adult Swim and MTV.

With no Sony Pictures Entertainment, the gaming section of the floor mostly looks to be Xbox, Nintendo, Capcom and other gaming companies.

Fans of Jericho and Star Wars, should head to the Fan Tables, and if you’re a fan of anything, swing through Artist’s Alley to view work from over 170 artists, including Patrick Ballesteros and Katie Cook. This year’s Small Press section includes booths for over 100 companies like ACME Ink, The Ninjabot, and others.

What booths are you most excited to check out? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Bubs

    The lobbies aren’t identified on the map PDF. Weird.

  • Cooper Cohen

    Netflix Booth. Could we have a Stranger Things Panel?

  • Rika Kelley

    Does that mean Adult Swim is decreasing their presence? Or is everything being moved to their (if they have it) off-site? Not complaining if they do. I love Adult Swim on the Green.

  • I am sad that Sony is not going to be there. I am a huge Dark Tower fan, and with the timing of the movie I was hoping there’d be a presence at Comic Con, but it seems less likely now.

  • cable

    Seems as if alot changes this year since some off site events have cancel for different reasons and now booth changes happening, maybe a new direction and surprises ahead.

  • Matt

    No MTV = No MTV FanFest?

  • Mike Harris

    No HBO?

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  • maxhdrm

    Any way we can get a two-page larger map where the numbers are more crips and clear. This PDF is uber small and I’d like to mark all the artist/small vendors I am hitting up. It’s too grainy and small when printed. Does anyone know if there is a list for off-site activities/panels?

  • raybdc97

    Another drop opportunity by CBS, they do know they have Star Trek Discovery coming out in Sept yes???

  • Crystal

    There is one!