Blizzard Introduces Convention Exclusives and Debuts for San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Blizzard Entertainment, the company behind PC video game juggernauts Overwatch, World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, and more, have started unveiling their convention exclusive merchandise and the debuts they will be selling at their Booth #140 during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con.

Blizzard, in an effort to reach more loyal fans and reduce disappointment and high after-market prices, is trying something different this year: They’re doing away with San Diego Comic-Con exclusives.

Instead, the company will offer Convention Exclusive merchandise that will also be available at conventions such as Blizzcon and Gamescon, as well as Blizzard Exclusives that will be available at the conventions where Blizzard has a booth and the Gear Store, and Premiere items which will debut at Comic-Con but will be available at the retailers and/or the Gear Store at a later time.

To make purchasing easier for SDCC attendees Blizzard is setting up Blink Sales. All Blizzard Exclusives will be available at the Gear Store for purchase starting on Wednesday, July 19.

All Blizzard Exclusives will also be available at the Gear Store for purchase starting on Wednesday, July 19.

Here’s a look at what Convention Exclusives Blizzard will be debuting at this year Comic-Con:

Knights of the Frozen Throne: Hearthstone Key Art Print. Limited edition.

Overwatch: Anniversary Key Art Print. Limited edition.

Overwatch Uprising Recruitment Posters: 9 x 12 Giclee. Set of 5. Limited edition in classified folder packaging.

Overwatch Golden Deadly Soldier 76: Overwatch Convention Exclusive Debuting at SDCC.

Here’s a look at what Blizzard Exclusives Blizzard will be debuting at this year Comic-Con:

Funko Pop! Vinyl Carbon Fiber D.Va & MEKA Buddy ($30): D.Va is a former professional gamer who now uses her skills to pilot a state-of-the-art mech in defense of her country. Newly customized with an alternate carbon fiber skin for her MEKA, she stands readier than ever to claim the highest score possible. This fantastic Blizzard Exclusive figure is a must-have for fans of Overwatch.

Oversized Overwatch Pin: 

Cute But Deadly – Colossal Sized Arthas:

Cute But Deadly – Colossal Sized Bastion:

Overwatch Doomfist T-Shirt:

Overwatch D.Va Bunny Backpack Keychain that glows:

Overwatch New Era Hat:

Here’s a look at what Tokidoki Blizzard Exclusives that will be debuting at this year Comic-Con:

Overwatch Hat:

Overwatch Notebook:

Overwatch Tote Bag:

Also at the Blizzard booth there will be Overwatch pin swag only available at SDCC courtesy of Tokidoki and oversize bags!

Are you excited about Blizzard’s offerings? Let us know in the comments.

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  • shockwave1211

    Really disappointing that theres no SDCC exclusives this year from blizzard, still going to try to get that overwatch art print

  • I think it’s refreshing that the SDCC exclusives are now available elsewhere. The line last year was absolutely insane and horribly managed. So many line cutters, incredibly aggressive security… I don’t know, I can’t see how that is better than this year’s exclusives also being available through their site.

  • shockwave1211

    I agree that the line was horribly managed( i tried every single day to get the overwatch art print last year with no luck because of exhibitors getting in the line first) but i think the solution to that would have been a ticket line in sails pavilion in the morning, i doubt blizzard would cough up the money for this however

  • maxhdrm

    I disagree. Ticket lottery systems are an antiquated system that is just as bad as booth lines. All you are doing is building a line somewhere else that is just as hostile. Consumerism should always be a first come first serve without some kind of convoluted raffle which isn’t applicable to everyone because not everyone has a 4 day pass. It should be fair and equitable to ALL attendees. It’s time for Funko and Hasbro to get on board with Mattel and everyone else. Pre-Order for pick-up. This eliminates lines all together and allows everyone to simple enjoy the convention. If any company really wanted to get sophisticated they could cross-reference a buyers CCI ID to eliminate exhibitor, press and anyone else from buying outside of regular attendees before finalizing shipping of said item. I personally think they should though I know we are a few years away from that. It only takes one lawsuit for a broken arm, black eye or “emotional distress” to set a precedence so CCI either eliminates exclusives or forces change and yes because you have to “apply” to vendor a booth, CCI could set restrictions. I would rather see everyone be more proactive not reactive

  • Tim Gin

    Funny last year they policed the line for exhibitors on the days(Saturday and Sunday) I managed to get in line early. They told all people with exhibitor badges they had to come back after 11 and even kicked out one guy in front of me with a standard badge that apparently had been purchased through an exhibitor based on the text on the back of the badge. I suppose if they had both a standard badge and an exhibitor badge they could have gotten in first. Don’t know if it was different on the first two days.

  • TK421

    They aren’t exclusives if they are available somewhere else.

    You can always do a lottery by just using your comic-con ID. Blizzard can draw ID’s and send emails out with times to show up. Simple system & they can always open the line at 5 pm everyday.

  • TK421

    Well you know the reason they do the tickets/lines is to keep people off the floor. If everything was pre-ordered then the floor would be overwhelmed. There”s some method to their madness.

  • I guess I just don’t see the downside to more people having access to a limited item. Sure, it not being SDCC-specific means there’s more out there, but I don’t see how that’s hurting anyone.

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  • Nicki Y

    Do you guys have the blink link yet? So far the soldier 76 is the only exclusive I want from sdcc

  • Sean Le

    Can somebody explain to me the procedure of obtaining the Blizzard exclusives this year please? I have a bunch of questions I’d appreciate you guys to answer.
    1. If I pre-order the exclusives online, can I securely pick them up anytime at the Blizzard booth?
    2. If I can’t pre-order them for some reason, then when is the best time to buy the exclusives? First thing in the morning or anytime during the day?
    3. Is there a cut-off at the Blizzard booth? If so, when?
    4. Is there an item limit when purchasing Blizzard exclusives?
    5. How fast do the exclusives sell out?
    Sorry for the lengthy post but any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  • TK421

    Do what Mondo does…which is release a version for the general public with a different color scheme or design then the Comic Con version. That way you appease both parties.

    Give the people going to Con something that if they wait in those lines, then it’s special for them and the time spent. And in the end it is a collectible for them that is limited and that means something to a lot of collectors (and sellers).

    In the end, it’s just a money grab by Blizzard & other companies but they could at least cater to the people that are supporting this event and have been every year.

  • Denz

    The reality is the more and more companies are doing away with “exclusives” that are short production runs, those things cost more than mass producing them in large quantities and selling them like regular products. For collectors it makes things less desirable, for fans it makes things easier to get, for flippers it makes profits harder to get. One group hates this idea, one is OK with it but not happy, and one is happy, your viewpoint is largely determined by where you land.

    For me exclusive are fun collectibles but cons have learned that lines that they can’t or won’t control lead to chaos and then fans who pay lots of money to go to conventions get mad. This is one solution to drive down those issues, I would much rather see cons and vendors use new technology to run pre-event lotteries for exclusives and panel. You can always do an standby scanning and notify stand by winner via text, this would mean we would no longer need overnight camping for Hall H, no longer need overnight camping for Sails, imagine a con where you could go, actually use the hotel room you have to enter a lottery to get and have an enjoyable time without spending half of it in line?

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  • keeleon

    I completely understand the desire to make things more widely available to many people. But you have to remember many collectors are “hunters” they like having “trophies” to show off. If something is easy to get it’s not really a “collectible”, and isn’t worth much in many people’s collections. There are so many lines and brands that I love that it’s impossible to buy everything I want. that”s why a majority of my collection is “exclusive” items from those lines. That way I get the thrill of the hunt as well as representation of many things I love.

    Obviously doing away with small print runs makes things easier to obtain, but it also makes people not care. blizzard isn’t making profit off of the items they sell, but all the hype surrounding their exclusivity is worth the loss in profits.

  • Denz

    not making a profit off the items? after paying for the booths no, but making these in lots of 50-100K vs 1-2K for sure they are making money off these items directly. Indirectly they still get their brand all over the place and that is where their real value is.

    I would agree, but until conventions or vendors can get a handle on how to do exclusives without huge lines and chaos I expect you will see more going this way. The negative hype of what happened at Mattel last year(most years) or the chaos of the past of other vendors gets around as well and that hurts their brands with those dedicated fans who get fed up with things and simply move on.

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