Useful Apps During San Diego Comic-Con

We always stress just how important social media is during San Diego Comic-Con – it’s a way to stay connected, to find out when your favorite booth is doing random goodie drops, and so much more. But outside of social media like Twitter and Facebook, there are some mobile apps that can make your life a whole lot easier during SDCC. So let’s take a look.

1. The Official Comic-Con International App

Download: iOS
Download: Android

If you haven’t downloaded this yet, you really should. It’s not the greatest technologically advanced app you’ve ever seen, but with last year’s total makeover, it’s lightyears ahead of where it was — and it’s incredibly useful. It has the schedule for all five days, and you can search it, click to read full panel descriptions, and more. Plus, there’s a list of exhibitors (that when clicked on, shows you exactly where they are on the floor map), maps, a few details on offsites, and more. It’s currently updated for most Android and Apple users for 2017.

2. Compass Cloud – The Metropolitan Transit System App

Download: iOS
Download: Android

We wrote about this very handy app the other day, but if you’re planning on using San Diego’s trolley system at all to get around, this is the way to do it. The MTS is not only offering discounts for attendees during Comic-Con ($5 unlimited use for one day), but it also has a map of all the stops and real-time information.


Download: iOS
Download: Android

If you’re headed somewhere not on the Comic-Con shuttle or trolley route, there’s also UBER. They’ll take you pretty much anywhere you want to go, give you the price up front (which is usually substantially cheaper than a taxi), and you can use our promo code SDCCUBLOG for $20 off your first ride.

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4. Cosmunity

Download: iOS
Download: Android

Syfy is doing a lot of fun things this year — including having Orlando Jones marry people at the convention — and the best place to get updates on all of their goings-on is through the Cosmunity app. On top of that, the app is a great place to find fellow fans of the same things you’re a fan of, find out about local conventions, and more.

What apps do you find useful during Comic-Con? Let us know in the comments.

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  • Lynette

    I downloaded the SDCC app but when I open it there is simply a header that reads “official mobile app” then just below that is the SDCC logo with subtitle “Comic-Con International 2015” off to the side of logo. When I click on the logo I get a pop-up message that reads “Coming soon! Please check back later.” Anyone else having issues? Am I missing something?

  • Victoria Honore Kussart

    If you click the side bar and click schedule it will say there is a new schedule download, than ask you if you want to download it…than download it and click schedule you will have all the days that are currently posted. Hope this helps.

  • Lynette

    Unfortunately, there is no sidebar on my screen? I have an iPhone 5S. I have clicked all over my screen, on the header, on the SDCC icon, even on the dang “sponsored by NBC” footnote … but there is literally nothing active on the screen except the SDCC logo which just gives me the “coming soon” pop up? I even checked if perhaps there was an app update I was missing? Thank you for your time in trying to help me though! Much appreciated :).

  • si3ge

    i get the same thing on android. im betting they just havent populated stuff for the app yet. its basically just a placeholder for now until they put in the schedules and information links and stuff.
    **edit: i also just read this:
    It’s currently updated for most Android users for 2015, though us poor iOS users are still waiting for the update.

  • Lynette

    Thanks! Now that you mentioned it, I recall reading that same IOS user tidbit some where. Hopefully like you said, it will be updated soon. Guess someone somewhere prefers Android over IOS :).

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  • Michael DC

    heres my IOS list : Twitter, Mticket, SDCC app, NerdHQ, Diningjoint and then various apps for the studios.

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  • Megan Redlawsk

    Definitely will need to have Pokemon Go this year!

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  • Michael DC

    Add myradar to the list that I use. Always helpful to see the storms rolling through

  • Jm5150

    I will only bring one thing.. a friend who follows all these things so i dont have to

  • Marsia

    On my Android I clicked on the 2015 section and it proceeded to download new info.

  • alanahc

    i also rec Postmates, Uber Eats, and Eat24 for food delivery to the hall h line. and Lyft is a good alternative to Uber, if you’re not down with Uber’s very shady biz practices.

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