Conan O’Brien Returns to San Diego Comic-Con in 2018

In just three short years, Conan O’Brien has become of the best things at San Diego Comic-Con — hosting shows with some of the week’s biggest shows, and letting attendees join in on the fun for free (though getting a ticket can be tricky). But unlike the previous two years, in 2017, O’Brien didn’t end the final Conan taping with an announcement that he’d return in 2018.

But fans don’t need to worry: In a recent announcement that Google Play will be the exclusive mobile gaming partner for Conan, it was also revealed that “Google Play will also road trip with Conan for the show’s fourth annual appearance at San Diego Comic-Con”.

Typically, episodes tape on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday — though 2017 saw two Thursday tapings instead of a Saturday taping. We’ll have to wait to see if the show will be returning to the Spreckles Theatre (which seems very likely), whether or not Funko will be involved with the free Funko Pop! versions of Conan (which also seems likely), and exact guest/taping details. All of that information won’t be announced until much, much closer to July.

Are you excited about the return of Conan to San Diego Comic-Con in 2018? Let us know in the comments.

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Kerry Dixon is Editor-in-Chief of The San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog and the site’s resident panel guru.

  • maxhdrm

    I’m looking forward to this as long as will be honest this time around and not shaft anyone who signs up. Signing up for Saturday show only to have it cancelled without notice and without giving first dips to those already on the waiting list was raw and just wrong. They need to play well with others and don’t commit until you have a solid footing on permanent schedule settings.

  • Stanna McDougal

    Yay – I’d love to get tickets. I’m going to comic con this year for the first time. I may have missed it, but did I miss how to sign up for tickets? Thank you.

  • DS

    Same question here. How do Conan tapings during ComicCon work?