SDConCast – 5/19/15 — The Programming Problem

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On tonight’s special episode of the SDConCast, we are joined by The Nerd Fu’s Chris Sully. We’ll be covering not only all the latest news, but also discussing “The Programming Problem”, advice for first time attendees, and much more. The SDConCast is brought to you by 3DLightFX, the makers of the innovative cordless 3D Deco Lights. Find the perfect Marvel, ... Read More »

SDConCast – 5/12/15 Growing Up at the Con


One of the coolest things about San Diego Comic-Con is that no two people have the same experience – but what is it like when you’ve grown up around the convention? Tonight, we discuss what the convention is like from a younger perspective and how it’s changed, as well as exclusive and panel news. The SDConCast is brought to you ... Read More »

SDConCast – 5/5/15 It’s an Exclusives World

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It’s an exclusives world these days at San Diego Comic-Con, which is why this Tuesday, we roped in Parks and Con to talk all things exclusives. We offer you tips, what we expect to see this year, and some of our favorite exclusives. Plus, as always, we give you the latest SDCC news. The SDConCast is brought to you by ... Read More »

SDConCast – 4/28/15 Age of Offsites

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It’s the age of the offsite, where what’s happening around the convention center has become just as interesting as what’s happening inside. In this episode, the team looks at our favorite offsites, what we’re hoping for this year, why it’s impossible to ever get to do everything you want to at Comic-Con — and much more. The SDConCast is brought ... Read More »

SDConCast – 4/21/15 Where We’re Going, We Don’t Need Roads

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We’re back! We kicked off the official start of season four of the SDConCast on our new home of Tuesday nights. This week, James, Kerry, and Sarah discussed the parking sale’s move to a lottery, exclusive news, and much more. There was even a special announcement about our reader party, Enchantment Under the SDCC. Join us again next week! The ... Read More »

SDConCast – 2-21-2015 – SDCC Open Registration 2015: Live Coverage

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Saturday, February 21, was the day to remember, as San Diego Comic-Con Open Registration, the biggest, baddest badge sale, took place. The team took covered the event live, discussing breaking news, what’s coming next in Comic-Con coverage, the high and low points of the sale, and much more. If you didn’t turnout for the live feed on Google+, you can ... Read More »

SDConCast – 07-26-2014 – LIVE From Comic-Con


The team gathered in the Plaza on Friday night to recap the last two days of Comic-Con. Hear tales of Shawn’s exclusives hunt, Kerry’s Teen Wolf-themed Comic-Con; Jeremy’s induction into Sharknadia; James’ work week and more. Site Links:  [SDCCBlog.com] [Facebook] [Twitter] [YouTube] Music: Intro: “Omg I <3 Livejournal (And My Livejournal <3s Me)”, Talkshow Boy Break: “Planning Theme“, The J. Arthur Keenes ... Read More »