The biggest item at the con will be a toaster!

Star wars will take the biggest exclusive at the con again!


San Diego’s Comic-Con is more than a massive expo to build hype for the coming year’s biggest genre TV shows and movies. It’s a money murderer’s row of merchandise scientifically engineered to beam funds right of the wallets chained to the average fanboy’s bulging belt.

It’ll be a surprise to precisely no one that Lucasfilm leads the vanguard of Comic-Con must-have gimmicks and gadgets. The marketing machine that put the action in action figures will introduce the Star Wars toaster (above) at this year’s convention. The device turns every piece of toast over to the dark side — burning an image of everyone’s favorite Dark Lord of the Sith onto your Wonder-bread. Where else will you get a chance to smudge jam into Darth Vader’s grill?

If you want Imperial forces in charge of even more of your kitchen’s carbs, you can add the Death Jar cookie container to your counter. Crack the lid on this technological terror and a million Chips Ahoy will cry out in horror — before they’re suddenly silenced down your gullet.

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