Thurday Wrapup w/ Picture Link!

Thursday got the con kicked off to a great start! Heres the details:

Photos: Check out all my photos at

Panel Highlights:

1. Disney:

-Tron Legacy – New title revealed, pre-production pics (see them on photo link), cool new test footage, test footage from last year in 3D, 2D scene from movie shown. Daft Punk doing scoring. Test footage was cool and 2D scene was interesting but it’s too early to really tell. Should be huge next year though.

-Alice in Wonderland – Short trailer shown 3 TIMES! IT was worth it though! Great trailer set to time to pretend by MGMT. Johnny Depp showed up to say 3 words and then left. Tim Burton was fun. Not much footage but what was there looked great!

-A Christmas Carol – Robert Zemeckis showed off a clip/tailer thing and it looked really cool! More scarry and creepy then i expected and it had some great 3D. Not as good as the rest of the panel but it still looked good!

2. 3d Showcase:
-Cloudy w/ Meatballs: fun, kinda funny, good trailer shown.
-The Hole: why was this at the con? Got a good laugh at it though! (it’s a horror movie)
-The Final Destination: if you love tons of tacky gore flying at you, you will love this movie!
3. Summit:
-Sorority Row: if everyone at your college was a serial killer this would be a lot like your college days!
-New Moon: Scream, awkward question, awkward response, hand through hair, scream.
4. Avatar:
-Wow, it was really amazing. Nothing like yo’d expect but it was really great. It will definatly be one of the top panels this year. About 20 min shown and a good q&a.
-Avatar Day on August 21st – showing 15 minutes of footage in theaters worldwide in 3D for free! This will be great!
5. Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus:
-Imaginarium: pretty cool, still no distributer, good actors, good visual style, ok effects, gilliam was fun though!
6. Pandorum:
-Pandorum: Like Alien, if Alien sucked. And their exclusive look was a shorter version of the trailer!
7. Kick-Ass:
-Stole Thursday. Insanly great! Really funny and just fun. 4 clips and a trailer shown with a good q&a after. This was the breakout hit of the con and deserved it all!
WINNER: Kick-Ass
Avatar in close second
Zombie Walk:
-It was really fun and it was great to see people expressions! Nothing like 200 zombies walking though the streets os San Diego. This is an experience you should have and it was great!
Want details of more panels or events? @Reply me on twitter at @SD_Comic_con and ill find them for you.
More detailed info coming tomorrow!
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