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The Movies of SDCC 2011

The debate on whether or not Comic-Con can really help a movie’s box office continues to rage on, but studios haven’t seemed to notice. They know SDCC is still an amazing place to get the buzz going or bring it to a massive level for the films that can impress the crowds. 2011 is looking to be one of the biggest years for movies so far and the possibilities for what could be shown are huge. I looked through all the potential picks and chose the twenty films most likely to make big impact at the con. Will they all have a huge panel with amazing footage? Definitely not. But some likely will and others might be heavily promoted on the show floor. Check out the predictions after the break.

The Avengers – Chances: 100% – After bringing out the entire cast last year, Marvel knows they have to up the ante. This year expect a Comic-Con exclusive teaser trailer and maybe a few clips thrown in. It’ll surely be one of the most anticipated and sought-after panels of the con and I don’t expect Marvel to drop the ball.

Red State – 99% – Though it’s unlikely Red State will have a panel to itself, expect Kevin Smith to devote a large portion of his annual panel to promoting this religious-horror film. An SDCC timed screening in San Diego is also a strong possibility as Smith has been bringing it all around the country for big events.

The Dark Knight Rises – 50% – Anyone expecting more than a little teaser or clip is kidding themselves, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if WB slipped that much into their presentation just to send all of Hall H into rapturous applause.

The Immortals – 99% – After stopping at Wondercon, this Greek Gods action flick is likely to feature another panel at SDCC. I personally thought the trailer was awful, but they’re hosting a contest to SDCC so hopefully they’ll bring their A-Game.

The Amazing Spider-Man – 75% – Though it doesn’t drop until the middle of 2012, this reboot has almost finished shooting and will certainly have at least a little footage ready to show the crowd. Sony knows they need to get on good terms and the original Spider-Man got its buzz going at SDCC 2001.

Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance – 60% – We haven’t seen anything from this sequel/quasi-reboot but much like Spider-Man, this would be the place to get the hardcore fans interested in a franchise they’d normally write off.

– Twilight: Breaking Dawn – 90% – Most attendees hate it, a handful just can’t get enough of it. But hey, only two more years until the franchise ends.

John Carter – 60% – Just retitled from “John Carter of Mars,” Disney has been super secret with everything involving this project, allowing the effects tons of time to get into an acceptable state. Could this finally be the place to show off what they’ve put so much effort into? Let’s hope so.

Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark – 75% – After having a well-received panel at last year’s SDCC, the film hit studio hardships and is finally being released this fall. It’s a pretty good con fit but a repeat panel might seem stale.

– The Thing – 80% – This horror remake was pushed back from summer to fall but the footage at New York Comic Con was supposedly pretty good and they’re likely to re-ignite the marketing with a big SDCC presence.

– Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol – 65% – Director Brad Bird has serious cred from The Incredibles and this movie is rumored to be amazing. Not the usual Comic-Con hit, but dropping the first trailer and showcasing co-star Simon Pegg could result in a great panel.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows – 90% – I hated the first but Downey Jr. knows how to get a crowd going and had a hilarious Q&A at the original’s con panel.

Fright Night – 80% – Another horrible looking remake but nonetheless a film that looks tailer-made to con sensibilities. Hopefully the first trailer was just badly cut and this one’s a winner. If it’s actually good, a screening is also possible.

The Hobbit – 75% – This might actually tie The Avengers for most anticipated panel, if it has one that is. Hopefully they have some scenes cut and can bring the cast/crew down. If not, expect at least a taped message from the set (but that would be really disappointing).

Rise of the Planet of the Apes – 85% – The trailer actually looked better than expected and the film drops only a few weeks after the con. Apes seems like a franchise that could really prosper at the con and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a panel and screening.

– Real Steel – 95% – Who ever thought robot boxing was a good idea? Still, Hugh Jackman is awesome and will certainly brighten up the panel if he’s one it.

30 Minutes or Less – 75% – Raunchy comedies have been slowly increasing at the con and this has a seriously great pedigree. Director Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland), in addition to stars Aziz Ansari, Jesse Eisenberg, and Danny McBride, could make an awesome panel.

The Muppets – 80% – They’re the muppets. SDCC attendees have to love the muppets, right? Hopefully. It’s very much untested waters as they’re not a known con favorite, but I think a good panel could play huge.

Cabin in the Woods – 50% – It disappeared during MGM’s collapse only for Lionsgate to finally pick it up. Now with a rumored October release, some good early buzz, and co-writer Joss Whedon still supporting it, an con panel seems like a good idea. Lionsgate has been pretty quiet though, so we shall see.

The Adventures of Tintin – 85% – Hopefully this panel will be huge. Peter Jackson, Steven Spielberg, and Edgar Wright are just some of the talent involved in this likely-amazing adaptation. The comic is much more well-known in Europe so expect a big push for both comic and movie lovers to get acquainted with its titular character.

Which movie do you most want to see at this year’s con?

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