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Video Games Confirmed for Comic-Con: Mass Effect 3, Jurassic Park, and Microsoft

Just yesterday I speculated which video game companies might make an appearance at Comic-Con in July, and what hot titles they might bring with them for attendees. Well, just as the news of TV and movie panels is starting to heat up, so is confirmation of some of the games you’ll be able to get your hands on during the show.

Which games will be playable? And how do you get your hands on these, you ask? Well, good news for those who weren’t able to get a pass to this year’s Comic-Con. Read on…

BioWare announced they will again be setting up shop outside of the convention center, in the Hilton Gaslamp Hotel. And this time, they’ll have playable builds of Mass Effect 3 ahead of its November release, as well as brand new Dragon Age II DLC titled Dragon Age Legacy. In addition, they will be hosting the “first annual BioWare Costume Contest” on Friday, July 22, so get your Commander Shepard outfits – or MIranda Lawson costumes for the ladies – dry-cleaned and polished for the event. For fans who will be making the trek to San Diego but were not able to score a ticket to the con, you won’t need a pass to take part in the intergalactic festivities.

I contacted Telltale Games via Twitter to see what they would be bringing to the show, and I received confirmation from Alan Johnson, Manager of Public Relations and Social Media at the game developer, of exactly what we’ll be able to play:!/TheAlanJohnson/status/82893287748415490

That’s right, you’ll be able to play Jurassic Park ahead of it’s official release later this year. No word on whether you need to say the magic word, or if they’ll have Dodgson there.

And last, Xbox’s own @MajorNelson, Larry Hryb, sent out a tweet today confirming Microsoft won’t be skipping out on the ball, either:!/majornelson/status/83175796633640960

I’ve reached out to Larry for confirmation on where they’ll be setting up shop and what games we’ll be playing at the show, but I’ve received no comment as of yet. I’ll be sure to update you as soon as I hear back.

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