Cowboys & Aliens Premiere Ticket Info

Ever since Jon Favreau spilled the beans on the Cowboys & Aliens premiere during this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, everyone’s been asking how they can get their hands on tickets to what is undoubtedly the Event of the Con. It was announced that 2,000 fans would have a chance to attend, but details have been scarce thus far. The fever pitch surrounding the event reminds us of what Charlie had to go through to get a Golden Ticket to get into Wonka’s.

Well, make that a Golden Brick.

The big Cowboys & Aliens banner going up on the side of the Hilton Bayfront has a text number on the bottom to receive info on how to score tickets. The banner wasn’t complete but we did some deductive reasoning to complete the instructions and came up with the info. By texting the word “Cowboys” to 834-567 we received the following response:

Be on the look out for Cowboys & Aliens gold bricks – get one and you could win tickets to the World Premiere at the San Diego Civic Theater, Saturday, July 23!

So that’s one way to get into the premiere. There may be others, and as soon as we hear of any we’ll pass along the info.

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