Herbivores, Carnivores and Early Birds: Eating Out In San Diego During Comic-Con

Eating at San Diego Comic-ConWell, look what we started.

One of our readers asked us for vegetarian food recommendations for SDCC, which in turn we asked our [Iron] legion of readers for help. Not only did they follow through with some great restaurant tips, but in turn asked for recommendations on other types of foods. The responses were overwhelming, and we decided to compile all the top picks into a single post for everyone.

Now, SDCC moves so fast, not everyone will have time to savor a delicious hot meal at a restaurant. Heck, it took us four days last year for our first hot meal of the con, which ironically was also our last before we left San Diego. And since you’re always on the go, we recommend you don’t weigh yourselves down with a heavy meal first thing in the morning or you might end up being that person. But for those times when you just want to stop and smell the…pancakes…this post is certainly for you.

One more thing – we’re not building the next Yelp here, so as one of our readers suggested, we’re not going too deep down the rabbit hole of SDCC cuisine:

So if you’re looking for other recommendations, feel free to let us and your fellow readers know in the forums. Bon Appetit!




  • DZ Atkins – A short cab or trolley ride from the Convention Center
    • “DZ Atkins for jewish deli b-fast”, @TaxiDrvr

For the Carnivores

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