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Tech Tips from @evico: Building an EGO PLAN!

By Ssonmez at tr.wikipedia (Transfered from tr.wikipedia)
By Ssonmez at tr.wikipedia (Transfered from tr.wikipedia)

The San Diego Comic-Con is approaching fast and I am sure the anxiety level for most of us is beginning to build as we anticipate what we want to do, see and get! Over the past ten years I noticed a trend and it seems to be getting worse with each passing year… there is always MORE to see, MORE to do and MORE to get from the previous year! So how do you deal with a massive event like the San Diego Comic-Con and keep your sanity? How can you make sure you get the information you need? The SDCCBlog team is here to answer your questions and concerns. But is that enough?

Once the con information; such as off-sites,  exclusives, panels, star appearances, etc starts to kick it up a gear and your anxiety levels start to soar some may embrace the task at hand while others may begin to feel a bit overwhelmed. Be warned there will be more, there will be a gluttony of information just from us alone and I am sure from other places as well. So the next question you might be asking is how can I process all the information and not be overwhelmed? Or how do I get the information that is pertinent just to me? Or someone I need help please. The SDCCBlog team will have you covered as we will be giving you the most comprehensive preparation tips and information on all things SDCC.

So to help those who may be feeling a bit overwhelmed and maybe a few who just are curious, I will be kicking-off Tech Tips from @evico at the SDCCBlog with my San Diego Comic-Con planning process and how I use tech to simplify it. Hopefully it will answer some of those questions I posed earlier and others you may have. My whole purpose is to make things easy so I can have the best SDCC experience possible and my hope for writing about my process is that it helps a few of you out also! So here is what to expect.

I love using acronyms: SDCC, MOTU, GOT, ICYMI, IDK, LOL, ROTF, OMG… I love it so much I decided to make my own when explaining my planning process for the San Diego Comic-Con so that it will be easy to refer back to as you plan. My acronym is EGO PLAN and my saying is if you build a good EGO PLAN then you will be well prepared for any outcome at the San Diego Comic-Con.

Here is what EGO PLAN stands for: Environment, Gather, Organize, Prioritize, Locked, Accessories, Network. So in the upcoming weeks leading up to SDCC I am going to talk about tech and tips to help build/add to your computer/mobile  Environment. Go over what tools to use to Gather your information, Organize that information and Prioritize that information. Then once all that information is gathered, organized and prioritized and Locked I will go into how to build your itinerary (create a checklist with a plan A, B, C, etc.).  Then I will segway into my favorite part the Accessories and finally I will delve into the importance of building a Network. So once you have your EGO PLAN in place you can revisit any of the steps to tweak and modify till you are satisfied with your agenda.

There is one caveat before starting this process and that is you CAN NOT do everything you want to do… let me repeat that… you CAN NOT do everything you want to do as the convention is just too big and has so much to offer in and outside of the con that it is impossible to be at multiple places at once and schedule conflicts will be the norm. So take a deep breath and stay tuned for the next Tech Tips from @evico at the SDCCBlog as we will tackle E in EGO PLAN and I promise you that if you build and stick to your EGO PLAN you will be able to exhale and enjoy the San Diego Comic-Con! So follow along and feel free to comment or ask questions!

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