Comic-Con Day 3 On The ‘Vine’ – Hall H Moments

IMG_2105Saturday was a giant day for Comic-Con moments. From Warner Bros.’ reveals and stars, the Hunger Games cast’s first panel appearance, X-Men: Days of Future Past and the spectacle that was Marvel, if you made it inside Hall H you saw something you’ll never forget.

We’ll be posting video of these panels throughout the week, but for now we’ve compiled all the big moments we captured on Vine to whet your appetite.

First was Legendary Entertainment’s Seventh Son:

Then the crowd was treated to the first footage of Godzilla, and a tease of what the classic creature will look like:

The upcoming sequel 300: Rise of an Empire:

Sandra Bullock’s first Comic-Con appearance for Gravity:

LEGO: The Movie had the audience falling to “pieces”:

As if the panel couldn’t be made any bigger, Tom Cruise came to Comic-Con to promote his upcoming film, Edge of Tomorrow:

Then of course, the huge Superman/Batman news which was revealed by Zack Snyder, which we’ll have the video of the hysteria later this week (tease!).

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire cast panel:

Hugh Jackman introduces some awesome footage of The Wolverine:

One of the most incredible, memorable moments of any Comic-Con (of which there were several today), the entire X-Men: Days of Future Past cast was introduced on stage:

Lastly, in a sign of the craziness that was this year’s Comic-Con lines, the line for Hall H on Sunday started on Saturday at 1:30PM:

Keep watching all of our on-going coverage on here on the blog and our live Twitter updates!

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