Funko SDCC 2013 Exclusives [UPDATE July 15]

FunkoFunko has revealed information on its SDCC 2013 exclusives and pre-buy information.

First, let’s go over the details regarding the pre-buy, because there are many:

  • The pre-buy is for the entire lot of 57 SDCC exclusive items available, not for individual items
  • The price for the lot is $799, a savings of $150 from the total retail cost of the items
  • Shipping is included unless you are outside of the US
  • Payment is made via PayPal or by calling Funko directly with payment information
  • Items will ship mid-July, around the same time as Comic-Con
  • The pre-buy is available until July 1 or when quantities sell out, whichever comes first
  • The pre-buy sale is open to both attendees and wholesale customers, so know you are going to be competing with folks who want these for sale in their comics shops

Check out the official announcement for payment information and full details.

Funko will be revealing its exclusives twice a week until SDCC. Keep checking back for the latest updates and reveals. In addition they are having two giveaways per week. The special giveaway items are indicated in the updates below.


Disney, Disney and then…A little more Disney

I think this sweet little 2-Pack may be one of my very favorites this year!
We can’t give them singing voices or legs, but we can give them the METALLIC treatment all day long.



Wacka, wacka, WOBBLERS!
Flocked Fozzie and Metallic Animal

Wolvering_pkg_print_120808 Wolvering_pkg_print_120808

More Muppets Make Me … I can’t think of an ‘M’ word worthy of the happiness I feel!

animal2 piggy kermit


A peek at some Pixar!
Gosh these guys look goooood.

sulley mike


Not that Series 5 needs any ‘shining up’, so to speak…
But what the heck! Metallic treatments ALL AROUND!

dumbo brave genie


Should we introduce an ENTIRELY new Disney piece at SDCC?
Should we? Should we? Huh? Huh?

You know I can’t say no to you…

From the video game Epic Mickey – OSWALD!
Looking rather good for an 86 year old rabbit. 😉



Adventure Time
These are so freakin’ MATH!
Zombie Jake & Glow in the Dark Finn with Sword!??!?
Shut the front door!

jake finn


They’re so pretty!
They are mesmerizing my eyeballs.

halo1 halo2


Star Wars
DROIDS Boba Fett…He’s a little sweetie, isn’t he?



Plants vs. Zombies
Giving our most popular PvsZ Zombie the metallic treatment!
He’s ready to party.



My Little Pony Vinyl Figures
Crystalized. Glitterized. Sparkelized.
Friendship is Magic.


mlp1 mlp2


I swear to GOODNESS…I’m not sure how much more excitement I can take!

These go along with our SWEET SDCC Exclusive pieces announced on Tuesday.
Pick them up at our booth!
25 bucks a POP. <-See what i did there? 😉

domo2 domo



Our first taste?


You DO know we don’t ONLY make Pop!’s…Right?!?!

Wacky Wobblers…Comin’ Atcha…


But we sure do love our Pop!’s!
Metallic Domo Batman and a Domo Man of Steel.
Tasty, no?


Is that ketchup?
Bloody Rorschach to be exact!

Black Suit Man of Steel…And Disco Skeletor!

I’m seriously hungry now.
Why do I do this to myself?
MOS skeletor2


Let’s start with the Big Bang Theory gang…
All the boys will be handsomely decked out in Star Trek gear…and right in the midst of a being transported it seems!

big_bang3 big_bang4  big_bang1 big_bang2


Next we have Amy Farrah Fowler, stylishly dressed in her SDCC outfit variant.
Work it, Amy.


And from one of the most anticipated animation movie releases of the summer…
Despicable Me 2 Minions!
Dave and Evil Minion look dazzling with their fancy shmancy Metallic treatment!
Just look at those overalls shine!
…do fashion show announcers use the term ‘shmancy’? Hmmm.

minion1 minion2

For the grand finale…
Carl is LITERALLY glowing…in the dark that is!!
Ooooh, aaaaah.



Starting with my handsome men in green…METALLIC green, to be exact!

turtle1 turtle2 turtle3 turtle4


And what SDCC Exclusive list would be complete without some Walking Dead in the mix!
Keep an eye out for our upcoming giveaway on Twitter (@OriginalFunko) and FB…
These two Blood Splattered beauties will be the PRIZE!

rick zombie

Speaking of Blood Splatter…
How about a little Alien Blood Splatter?
…And Predator Blood Splatter while were at it…
We Love Green Blood!

alien predator

[ORIGINAL POST] Now on to the exclusives. Funko revealed they will be offering 57 exclusive items at their booth this year. Only clues of the items were released at this time, so we’ll update this master post when we get confirmation on the individual products. Saying that, here are each of the 57 items:

1. This FLOCKED Wacky wobbler is Wocka Wocka Wocka! – $17
2. This METALLIC Wacky Wobbler stems from mayhem! – $17
3. A truly patriotic METALLIC Wobbler! – $17
4. This 80;s cartoon classic Wobbler gets a METALLIC treatment! – $17
5. This Superhero from the 1960’s Wobbler looks handsome in METALLIC! – $17
6. DOMO+DC Comics – Super Secret Pop! – $15
7. DOMO+DC Comics – Super METALLIC Pop! – $15
8. This extremely popular Marvel Pop! goes METALLIC! – $15
9. A cartoon adventure goes GLOW in Pop! – $15
10. A ZOMBIFIED adventure Pop! – $15
11. A mighty GLOWING Pop! – $15
12. Video Game Hero goes under a color transformation! – $15
13. Video Game Hero gets yet another color transformation! – $15
14. Pop! METALLIC full of fire! – $15
15. This Disney Pop! goes METALLIC blue! – $15
16. This classic and cute Disney Pop! flies into a METALLIC variation! – $15
17. This Superhero Pop! has an alternate uniform that is TOP SECRET! – $15
18. Yeah Yeah Yeah’s said it best – “off with your head!” Pop! style! – $15
19. A Superhero Pop! UNMASKED! – $15
20. A wingman Pop! UNMASKED as well! – $15
21. Brains before beauty with this Pop! color variation! – $15
22. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #1 – $15
23. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #2 – $15
24. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #3 – $15
25. An out of this world Pop! transports to you! #4 – $15
26. A brave Princess Pop! gets a make-over! – $15
27. A DISCO version of an 80’s evil cartoon classic Pop! – $15
28. A certain company mascot goes 9″ Pop! in this new color scheme! – $50
29. Flashback to college life with this Pop! variation! – $15
30. College buddies are always near but with a twist for this Pop! – $15
31. Splattered Pop! from outer space! – $15
32. This Pop! is hunting for you and is splattered too! – $15
33. This METALLIC Pop! is undead with a cone on his head! – $15
34. One of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! – $15
35. Two of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! – $15
36. Three of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! – $15
37. Four of four! METALLIC mayhem Pop! style! – $15
38. This Pop! is bloody…But killing is messy! – $15
39. Blood Splattered and undead – Pop! style! – $15
40. GLOW in the dark this devoted Pop! follower is! – $15
41. A METALLIC version of another follower! – $15
42. This is no diet coke of evil Pop! – He is pure purple METALLIC! – $15
43. This bounty Pop! hunter from another galaxy gets a new color! – $15
44. This ever changing Superhero gets some new spots and BLOOD! – $15
45. Don’t make this evil Pop! angry, or he sill go METALLIC on ya! – $15
46. METALLIC Pop! and animalistic Pop! fun! – $15
47. A 2-Pack of Disney METALLIC Pop! fun! – $30
48. This gorgeous Disney Pop! goes full metal! – $15
49. Green is this Pop! favorite shade, but with a METALLIC treatment! – $15
50. A NEW Disney Pop! makes his debut! – $15
51. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #1 – $20
52. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #2 – $20
53. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #3 – $20
54. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #4 – $20
55. A brand new Vinyl Figure gets FLOCKED 5 times! Color #5 – $20
56. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly! – $20
57. My Little Vinyls get so clear and sparkly too! – $20

In addition, Funko also announced its FUNKO Fun Days Event for Friday July 19, 8PM at the Wyndham San Diego Bayside. We’ve added this to our offsite event calendar.


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