EXCLUSIVE: MyCoolCarStuff SDCC 2014 Exclusives [UPDATE July 18]

MyCoolCarStuff.com is bringing some exciting Star Wars exclusives to this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, and although we’ve already shared with our readers some of the items over the last few weeks, the San Diego Comic-Con Unofficial Blog now has an exclusive first look at all of the SDCC exclusive offerings from the company.

Here’s a look at what we’ll be seeing from MyCoolCarStuff.com:

[UPDATE July 18] Comic-Con might be in just a few days, but that’s not stopping MyCoolCarStuff.com from announcing more exclusives for this year’s convention. And if you were excited to get your hands on one of the extremely limited Star Wars floor mats, the company has announced utility mats to match:


The utility mats will be available on the same days and the same quantities as their respective floor mats. So, 48 sets each, with grey available during Preview Night; blue on Thursday, red on Friday, pink on Saturday and green on Sunday.

[UPDATE June 20] The company posted on Facebook a set of Star Wars coasters that will be given away with purchase “and to some cool Star Wars fans who stop by our booth”. Here’s a shot of the coaster set:


[UPDATE June 13] MyCoolCarStuff.com has added one more item to this year’s line-up of San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, a Star Wars Darth Vader keychain set. Darth Vader Keychain Set ($19.95): This set will be available beginning Preview Night, with only 1000 pieces made. There’s a limit of two per person. Vader_3pk_KC [PREVIOUS]

Boba Fett Keychain Set ($19.95): This set will be available beginning Preview Night, with only 1000 pieces made. There’s a limit of two per person. BobaFett-KeyChainSetStar Wars Storm Trooper Floormats ($49.95): : Each day of the convention, beginning on Preview Night, attendees will be able to pick up a different colored Star Wars floormat set, with two mats in each set. There will only be 48 sets made in each color, and attendees are limited to 2 per person. Here’s a look at the different colors that will be available:

Preview Night - Gray
Preview Night – Gray
Thursday - Blue
Thursday – Blue
Friday - Red
Friday – Red
Saturday - Pink
Saturday – Pink
Sunday - Green
Sunday – Green

Attendees will be able to find MyCoolCarStuff in the exhibit hall at Booth 2913-Q in the LucasFilm Pavilion, at the Plasticolor Inc./My Cool Car Stuff.com Booth. In addition to the items mentioned above, the company will also have other Star Wars products for sale, like “Chewbacca Floormats, R2D2 Lanyards, Death Star Keychains”, and more. Will you be grabbing one of these exclusives? Let us know in the comments.

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