SDCC 2014 Onsite Visual Guide to Tips on Exclusives, Lines, Food, More

With San Diego Comic-Con right around the corner, it is time to look at some of the nuances that can maximize the fun, and minimize the stress, of a week at the King of Cons. The Internet is filled with SDCC tips at this time of year, but we want to take the help a step further and bring you this visual guide that actually shows you some veteran tricks that will help make your Comic-Con 2014 the best one yet. What are some things to keep an eye for outside of Comic-Con? How can fulfillment room swag be maximized? Where’s the best place to get away from the stress of SDCC while still being able to see the stars? Where can I charge my phone for free if I forgot a charging cable? We have tips on these and so much more in this visual guide, so grab your note pad and follow along with us:

With all of the competition at SDCC, the tips are endless. What other tips do you have to share with the Comic-Con community? Please share with us and the readers in the comments below.

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