Under the Tents: Let’s Make a Deal, Mezco, Alex Ross, Jim Benton, Doctor Who, Viz, Patrick Ballesteros

Could Let’s Make a Deal be heading to Comic-Con? What Doctor Who merchandise will attendees get a first glimpse of? We’ve got news on that, as well as artists, exclusives, and more, in today’s edition of Under the Tents.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Science fiction author Kate Elliott revealed on Twitter that she’ll be at Comic-Con on Thursday, July 9, for a ARC giveaway of Court of Fives, as well as an unannounced panel.

  • Jim Benton, a cartoonist with a new book called Dog Butts and Love. And Stuff Like That. And Cats., mentioned that he will be at the convention signing books and drawing.


  • Shawn Kittelson, who is currently writing Mortal Kombat X comics for DC, told a fan that his next appearance will be at SDCC.


  • Digital PR guru Brittany Sandler will be hosting a panel during SDCC, she announced on Twitter. The panel, tentatively titled You Do What?! Women in Film, will also feature Cat Paschen, Lauren Haroutunian, Tamiko B, and more.

  • The Eisner-award winning author Paul Tobin will be at Comic-Con this year doing both signings and panels. Tobin will only be in attendance on Thursday and Friday, with a full schedule TBA.

  • On the May 20 episode of Let’s Make a Deal, the game show gave away two four-day badges to San Diego Comic-Con, as well as deluxe accommodations, spending money, and more. Host Wayne Brady also said that he’d be at Comic-Con — so could the game show be looking to do something special at this year’s convention? Maybe Conan won’t be the only popular host doing an episode from San Diego.


  • When asked if she’d be at any conventions, illustrator Irene Koh mentioned that she’ll be at SDCC with the Batgirl team.
  • Patrick Ballesteros, concept artist and visual developer for the video game, animation, and film industries, posted on his Twitter that he will be bringing 50 Cent Wonders series to SDCC 2015. 50 Center Wonders is a progression of his original series 25 Cent Wonders, which recreates popular scenes from TV shows and movies with the characters kid-ified and on those rides you’d find outside grocery stores from the past. Ballesteroes promises that 50 Cent Wonders “doubles the fun”, and he offered our first glimpse on his Instagram. Ballesteros has also posted more pages from his sketchbook on Instagram.

50 Cent Wonders
50 Cent Wonders
Ballesteros Reveals Additional Sketckbook Pages
Ballesteros Reveals Additional Sketckbook Pages
  • Girl Genius, an online and print comic, responded to a tweet that they would be at Comic-Con this year, in the same booth as always — which should mean the Studio Foglio, Booth #1331.

  • Doctor Who News reports that the soon to be available Twelfth Doctor’s Sonic Screwdriver replica will be seen for the first time on display at the BBC booth at San Diego Comic-Con this summer.
  • Cartoonist and author of Mermin, Joey Weiser, tweeted that he is hard at work on Mermin Book 5 and will be at SDCC.

  • Sal Abbinanti, the exclusive art dealer for Alex Ross, posted on Twitter that Ross will be at booth #2419 at Comic-Con.

  • David Lizerbram, a lawyer specializing in copyright, trademark, and business law, posted on Twitter that he will be a panelist at SDCC 2015 on Saturday, July 11th, for the 8th year in a row on an as-yet-undisclosed panel.

  • Benjamin H. Bailey, author, podcast host, and writer for Nerdist, posted on Twitter that he will be at San Diego Comic-Con, as well as moderating a panel. Details to follow. He tweeted will also have issues of his book UNCAGED there, and maybe more.



  • Artist and writer Ulises Farinas posted on Facebook he will be at Comic-Con 2015.
  • Artist Patty McPancak3s posted on her Tumblr a short video with the caption “Something in the works for #SDCC.”  We aren’t really sure what we are looking at, but it is intriguing.  It is using a machine called a MultiCam Digital Express.
  • Falcontoys, creator of  sci-fi and horror toy mash-ups, posted a picture on Facebook of a toy in progress for SDCC 2015.
Falcontoys Work in Progress
Falcontoys Work in Progress
  • Mezco Toyz tweeted that there is good news for fans unable to get the Puerto Rico Comic Con Batman exclusive: A limited amount have been saved for SDCC.

  • The Tweet House, an unaffiliated website which celebrates the Real-Time Web and Twitter’s role in it, will be returning to Comic-Con.


William Shatner at the Comic-Con Tweet House
  • Dent, a conference which explores the magic and science of visionary leadership, is returning to SDCC with another panel. This year’s panel will showcase the latest in VR Holodeck technology, as well as toys with the future in mind. You can find more information in their blog.
  • Patricia Tallman posted that she will be hosting a Babylon 5 panel, along with her friends “Bruce, Claudia, Mira, Mill Mumy, Stephen Furst, Jerry Doyle, Peter, and Robin Atkin Downes”.


  • According to the Anime News Network, Viz Media announced during its FanimeCon panel that Ultrama manga creators Eiici Shimizu and Tomohiro Simoguchi will be at SDCC this year.


  • Are you an artist with a portfolio to show off? Then you can swing by Smorgasboard Productions during the con on Thursday at PR C from 2:30PM-7PM, Friday at PR C from 3PM-5PM, or Sunday at PR D from 1:30PM-5PM. They mention that their Portfolio Review Schedule is listed after Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon, and before Walt Disney — so keep an eye out for those portfolio announcements as well. There’s more information on their Facebook page.

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