San Diego Comic-Con Room Capacities

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hall h panel line screeningWe hear it all the time: What are the odds of getting into XYZ room?

A lot of it depends on the schedule itself — but it’s just as important to know just how many people the room will hold. For instance, if you see 200 people lined up for Ballroom 20, you have a much better chance of getting in considering than that room seats 4,800 rather than, say, Room 5AB, which only seats 504.

So we’ve broken the room capacities out for you here:

Hall H6500
Ballroom 204800
Indigo Ballroom2663
Room 6BCF2160
Room 6A1040
Room 6DE884
Room 5AB504
Room 30CDE504
Room 7AB480
Room 25ABC480
Room 24ABC420
Room 23ABC374
Room 32AB350
Neil Morgan Auditorium – Library350
Marriott Marquis & Marina – Grand Ballrooms 1 & 2350
Marriott Marquis & Marina – Grand Ballrooms 3 & 4380
Marriott Marquis & Marina – Ballroom DE780
Room 8340
Room 26AB340
Room 2340
Room 29AB336
Shiley Special Events – Library333
Room 28DE297
Room 9280
Room 4280
Horton Grand Theatre240
Room 14A230
Pacific Ballroom 24 – Marriott Marina195
Pacific Ballroom 23 – Marriott Marina160
Room 1884
Room 1972