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Warner Bros. Comic-Con 2015 Bag Designs Revealed

The bags are back!

Each year, Warner Bros. provides bags to every San Diego Comic Con attendee upon onsite check-in, and this year is no different.

This year’s bags will feature 13 different designs, including Arrow, The Flash, Gotham (with two designs – heroes and villains), Lucifer, Supergirl, the animated series VixenSupernatural, The Vampire Diaries, Teen Titans Go, The Originals, Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem, and The 100.

Each bag features double-sided artwork, with the all-new Comic-Con 2015 official design on one side and the other side highlighting titles from the Studio’s TV series.

Here’s a look at all the bags, and click for a larger version:

What do you think of this year’s bag designs? Let us know in the comments.

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