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Square Enix: The Experience Comes to San Diego Comic-Con

Last week, information for a previously unannounced Square Enix: The Experience offsite event popped up on The Wrap, but details have been nonexistent since then. Here’s what The Wrap had to say about it:

“Square Enix: The Experience”: This active monstrosity taking up a whole city block requires courage. The build for “Just Cause 3” will feature a 150 ft. zip line, a “Hitman” kill training facility, and “Deus Ex” body augmentation speed course. For those missing that festival in Indio. they will also have a beer garden. (7th Avenue between Island and Market, Friday and Saturday, 10 a.m. – 8 p.m., open to the public.)

It’s currently going up downtown, and Parks And Cons got a closer look:






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