San Diego Comic-Con RFID Badges Mailed — Design, Details About RFID Location, More [UPDATE]

[UPDATE June 6] It appears that general attendee badges have also now started to ship — and as we speculated, the design is the same as the Professional badges. So keep an eye on your (physical) mailbox!

[PREVIOUS] As you should hopefully know by now, RFID badges are coming to San Diego Comic-Con — and in most instances, they will be mailed directly to you (International attendees will still pick up on-site, child registration will still happen on-site, and if your badge is lost/stolen/abducted by aliens, you’ll pick up a replacement on-site). Professional badges have already shipped, and many now have them in hand.

For those who haven’t seen yet, the Professional badges feature The Walking Dead‘s Negan, with the iconic bat Lucille. While we haven’t seen any other badge types yet, we’ve got a feeling that all badge types will look exactly the same (with only the paper part behind being different), similar to WonderCon. It’s important to keep each individual badge with the paper part that goes with it and not switch them around, so surely CCI knows if there are different designs, folks would be more tempted to swap.

The badges are mailed in a plain white envelope, so make sure to be extra vigilant with opening all of your mail in the coming weeks. As of press time, no badges except Professional have been mailed.

You can read about how WonderCon’s RFID system — which also required a tap in and a tap out system — worked earlier this year. While we all expect most of the details of the RFID system to work the same at San Diego Comic-Con as they did at WonderCon, one important detail about the SDCC system has now been confirmed.

A brochure about the new system was included with the Professional badges currently being mailed out, and thanks to reader @Emese, we now know for certain that RFID stations will be placed at all lobby doors of the San Diego Convention Center, Hall H, and the Indigo Ballroom.

That means that once you’re inside the San Diego Convention Center, you won’t need to tap in and out for each panel room (except Hall H, which has its own entrance from the outside) or the exhibit floor.

As it doesn’t mention the Marriott — does that mean that CCI may not be utilizing the expansion space for programing after all (even though the other day, they promised they’d be revealing new programing spaces)? Or does it simply mean that those details are still being determined, so it was left off the brochure.

Here’s a look at the relevant text from the brochure:

And that’s been your San Diego Comic-Con badge status update for the day.

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