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Pick Up Patrick Ballesteros’ Official ‘Aliens’ Print at SDCC 2016

We like artist Patrick Ballesteros – maybe you’ve noticed? But when his work is this good and this adorable, it’s a little bit hard not to be.

In addition to his San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, Ballesteros will also be bringing an officially licensed Aliens print to the convention. The 12.5″ x 16″ print was created as part of Udon’s Alien Visions art book releasing in late 2016, and features all your favorite characters, in an imaginary nursery bed/prison.

For those wanting the print, there are limited ways to score one. A limited run of 350 prints were created, with 50 set aside for San Diego Comic-Con. Each print is signed and numbered, and will be available at Artist Alley Table DD-08 for only $25.

Here’s a look:


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