The Tin Fish Gets San Diego Comic-Con Makeover for NBC [UPDATE]

The Tin Fish, directly across from the convention center (by the Omni) is always transformed into something more Comic-Con friendly by NBC, and this year is no exception.

Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons is on the ground in San Diego right now, and he got a look at the progress happening at the Tin Fish. This year, the site will feature a “Gravitron” ride for Timeless, which also will take a shareable motion graphic photo that captures your time-travel experience, animated shareable photos for Emerald City, and free fro-yo to promote The Good Place.

From Parks and Cons, here’s a look at how things look over there right now:

[UPDATE #5] Good news is, fro-yo station appears to be just a fro-yo station, and not some weird fro-yo for dogs/vet station. So, thanks The Good Place! There’s also some more work done around the area.

[UPDATE #4] There’s a new structure going up at the Tin Fish, for The Good Place. Signage labels it as The Small Adorable Animal Depot, and we know they’re giving away free fro-yo, so if those two items are combined, that’s… odd. But not impossible!

[UPDATE #3] It looks like the Tin Fish is wrapped up nicely. There is likely more to be done but it’s looking great so far.

[UPDATE #2] The wraps around the activation have started going up, along with branding. It’s starting to look a lot like Comic-Con.

[UPDATE] Preparation is still ongoing, but things are currently further along, with more signs going up for various NBC shows, and more work on the Gravitron ride.



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