Topps San Diego Comic-Con 2016 Exclusives & Giveaways

2000px-Topps_Logo.svgYoda News recently spoke with Topps Brand Manager of Entertainment Mark Von Ohlsen about what the company has in store for the rest of the year, and got the scoop on some of what Topps has in store for San Diego Comic-Con.

Topps will be again be located in the Lucasfilm Pavilion on the show floor, where they’ll have five oversized card sets, “all themed from The Force Awakens, plus giveaways of Galactic Connexions discs and photo ops with the 14kt gold disc,” Ohlsen said. “Topps will also have exclusive Doctor Who products at the BBC booth, GPK (Garbage Pail Kids) and Wacky Packages exclusives for sale at yet another booth, [and] Preacher promo cards at the DC Comics Booth.”

They’re also participating in the Fear the Walking Dead Abigail offsite.

As more about Topps’ 2016 Comic-Con appearance is revealed, we’ll share it here.

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