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Under the Tents: KFC, Mike Mignola, DKE, Ninjabot, Trayjus, Voltron, Archer

In less than two weeks we will be in San Diego enjoying the start of San Diego Comic-Con 2016.  We rounded up all the tasty tidbits you might have missed from news on our much loved Colonel, exclusives, commissions, as well as artists and their wares.

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • The Colonel isn’t done with us yet!  Bleeding Cool reports that KFC has teamed up with DC to bring issue #2 of their comic which will be the sequel to last year’s.  The cover art is amazing and hints at the story being about different Colonels in the DC multiverse.  One of the most interesting being a vegetarian Colonel Sanders.  Good to see they aren’t taking themselves to seriously.  The issue is available as a free download at Comixology.  We are hoping this isn’t all of the fun KFC goodness this Comic-Con.
The Colonel is Back!
The Colonel is Back!
  • Our friends over at Ninjabot posted on Instagram a print from their Lucha Libre series that will be available at SDCC Small Press booth L-08.

  • Monkey Minions Press revealed on Instagram that they will have three free buttons they will be giving away at their booth, #5531.  Each button is limited to a quantity of only 150 so hit up their booth quickly before they are gone.

  • Ginger Rabbit Studios announced on Facebook that they will have Sleigher stickers available at booth #2006. Ginger Rabbit is a small press self publisher and Sleigher The Heavy Metal Santa Claus is one of their titles.
Sleigher Stickers
Sleigher Stickers
  • Comic book artist and illustrator Sean Forney treated us to another sketch on Instagram he will be bringing with him to SDCC.  You can find his latest Doctor Strange and others at his booth in Artist Alley.

  • Artist Justin Harder revealed on Twitter a sneak peak of a print coming to SDCC 2016.  He can be found at Small Press Booth L-10.

  • Illustrator Tokyobunnie of Bored Inc posted on Instagram two iron-in patches that will be debuting at San Diego Comic-Con and then online.

  • Brittney Lee posted on Instagram a preview of what she will be bringing to Comic-Con this year.

  • Spanky Stokes tweeted out a picture previewing an upcoming Scott Tolleson sculpt turned toy.  The link included gives us the details that the pic is on fan favorite Trayjus and will be a “frosted” variant of previous releases.  Trayjus will be 6″ tall, limited to less than 15 pieces, and sell for $75.

  • And Scott Tolleson posted on Instagram another Trayjus release headed to San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Little Critter Plush revealed on Instagram a picture of Power Puff Girls plush dolls that will be available exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con.

  • Comics Alliance has the scoop on a Voltron: Legendary Defender SDCC variant cover.  The comic by Lion Forge Comics will feature a cover by artist John Chad, be limited to 250 copies, and sell for $5.


  • Crocheter Jennifer Nolan posted on Instagram some Tsum Tsum like characters and an elephant she will be bringing to Comic-Con artist alley BB-22.

  • Entertainment Tonight senior writer and host Leanne Aguilera announced on Twitter that she will be hosting the Archer panel at SDCC 2016.

  • Rivet posted on Instagram that they will be bringing a Beetlejuice print limited to 50 pieces to SDCC.  It will be available at DKE/DISBURST booth #5045.

  • Mike Mignola, creator of Hellboy, previewed a print on Facebook that will be available for the first time at San Diego Comic-Con and on his website in August.
Mike Mignola Print Premieres at SDCC
Mike Mignola Print Premieres at SDCC

  • Manga artist Mako Fufu announced on Instagram that Comic-Con commissions are open here.

  • Artist Lorelay Bove posted preview pictures on Instagram of mini-paintings and prints she will be bringing to Comic-Con.

  • Disburst posted on Instagram a sneak peek of a vinyl figure called Kiss My Ass, Stay Gold they will be bringing to their booth at SDCC.

  • Jeremy Lu of Hyperactive Monkey revealed on Instagram hot off the presses their The Friends of Monkey Kung Fu coloring book that they will have available of San Diego Comic-Con.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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