Flail Your Tiny Arms: Inflatable T-Rex Parade Returns to Comic-Con With a Pikachu Posse

Are you flailing your tiny T-Rex arms? Because we are.

Flex Your Rex — the parade of inflatable T-Rex cosplayers — are returning to San Diego Comic-Con to wander the streets of San Diego like the dinosaurs of old.

On Saturday, July 22 at 6PM in the Gaslamp (exact start location TBD), the parade will kick off. But they won’t be alone! They’ll be joined by the first annual Pikachu Posse, full of inflatable Pikachu cosplayers. You’re definitely going to want to catch them all.

You can find more information about Flex Your Rex and Pikachu Posse on Facebook — because, um, why wouldn’t you want more information about this?

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