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Jada Toys Set to Give Away New Line of Nano Metalfigs at San Diego Comic-Con 2017

Every year, we wonder, who has the best swag on the San Diego Comic-Con show floor? This year, Jada Toys is making a running for the title with the launch of their new line of die-cast figures, which they’ll be giving away in limited quantities for free at Booth #3746 all weekend during the con.

Jada Toys’ new Nano Metalfigs line features 1.65″ scale 100% die cast figures from DC Comics, Harry Potter, Disney, and Marvel. Weighing in at around 25-30g each, these figures weigh about the same as 5 quarters and have that distinctive die-cast feel. The figures retail normally for $0.97 for a single pack, or $4.97 for a five-pack — but you can score the single packs for free at Jada Toys’ booth.

Parks and Cons stopped by Jada Toys booth at Anime Expo this recently, and was able to capture the detail on Jada Toys’ Disney Nano Metalfigs line.

The first waves of each brand will feature over 20 figures to collect, with multiple waves planned. Soon, you’ll also be able to score Nano Scenes dioramas, so that you can display your figures in a fun setting (and will retail for around $29.99, and include two exclusive figures and figures). For example, they will be releasing a Bat Cave which comes with exclusive Batman and Robin figures, a Batman symbol on the floor that lights up, and opening garage door and sticker pack. While these won’t be given away at Comic-Con, Jada Toys have them displayed at their booth.

Here’s a look at some of the Nano Metalfigs you can score at Jada Toys’ booth:


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