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Petco Park Gets ‘Wrapped’ Up in San Diego Comic-Con 2017 [UPDATE]

Initial wrap work has started on Petco Park for San Diego Comic-Con. The lower wrap, for History’s Knightfall, is already complete — but the bigger wraps have only just begun. Will they be taken over by ABC again? Or, considering the color blue seems to match the Knightfall wrap, did History take both spots this year?

Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons is on the ground to give you your first look:

[UPDATE #7] Here’s a look at the completed Marvel’s Inhumans wrap on Petco:

[UPDATE #6] Black Bolt has now appeared on the Marvel’s Inhumans wrap:

[UPDATE #5] With the Once Upon a Time wrap now complete (which you can check out below), work continues on the Marvel’s Inhumans wrap on the side. Medusa’s face is now visible:

[UPDATE #4] The journey to Seattle is now complete — and here’s your look at the finished Once Upon a Time wrap:

Additionally, on the other side of Petco Park, work has begun on a Marvel’s Inhumans wrap.

[UPDATE #3] Here’s a look at the nearly complete Once Upon a Time wrap featuring Seattle and the tagline “…New Book Opens This Fall”:

[UPDATE #2] Here’s a look at the completed Knightfall banner.

[UPDATE #1] The main wrap on Petco Park is — once again — Once Upon a Time!


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