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San Diego Convention Center Stairs Changing to Badge-Only Access

There’s some big news coming in the world of San Diego Convention Center stairs (we kid — kind of).

The iconic staircase outside of the convention center has long been a meeting place for cosplay photoshoots and meet-up groups — but that’s potentially about to become a bit more dicey. While in the past, this area has been open to anyone, regardless of whether or not you have a badge, that’s all changing this year.

Now, RFID scanners are located at the bottom of the staircase, so you’ll need to scan your badge to prove you’re an attendee for that particular day before making your way up the staircase. This means that the days of cosplayers using off-days (or who don’t have a badge at all) to still use the convention center as a photo spot opportunity are likely over.

There’s also a set of tents located in this area too, presumably for shade for the staff — which means it will presumably be closely monitored.

From Shawn Marshall of Parks and Cons, here’s a look at the new setup (which includes this year’s The Walking Dead branded RFID readers):

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