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Under the Tents: toddland, Patrick Ballesteros, Elhoffer Designs, Ninjabot, Jason Adams, Kevin Workman Foundation

You may have noticed that there’s been a lot more San Diego Comic-Con news in the fall/winter than ever before (including Open Registration coming up on December 9) – and that means that we’re publishing our earliest edition of the new season of Under the Tents than ever before. CCI has been busy sending out vendor booth confirmations as of late – so here’s a look at just some of the familiar faces you’ll be seeing on the exhibit floor in 2018.

Here’s a look at what you might have missed:

  • Our good friends at toddland announced they will be back at Booth #4429 (their favorite spot) for SDCC 2018, which is near the FOX Fanfare booth’s annual home. Judging from their tweets, we can expect a lot more Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy goodness from them this coming year.

  • Another good friend of ours, Patrick Ballesteros, got a little introspective on Instagram when he announced he will again be exhibiting at SDCC in 2018. He promises new 25 Cent Wonders, new sketchbooks, and new stories – and we can’t wait to see them.

  • If you’re a fan of amazing artwork and secret phrases, you’ll be just as happy as we are to see Ninjabot back at his usual spot in Small Press #L-08.

  • And of course, it wouldn’t be Comic-Con without some crocheted critters. The Geeky Hooker will be back at SDCC 2018, making her famous critter drops. She’s currently making progress on her first round of critters, and also put out a call to see what her fans would like to see from her. Give her some feedback, and maybe you’ll find your own critter at SDCC!

  • Illustrator Sean Forney announced via his Facebook Page that, while he has been waitlisted for a table in Artists Alley at SDCC 2018, he is still going to be there in some form. Whether he has his own table or will share space with someone, he will still take commissions, hold signings, etc. We will keep an eye out as SDCC 2018 gets closer to see how the fates have favored Sean Forney.
  • Elhoffer Designs, who make some of the best geek-inspired fashion this side of the galaxy, was forced to resort to pop-up booths for SDCC 2017. According to Twitter, they’ll have their own space at SDCC 2018, which they (and we) are very happy about.

  • The Kevin Workman Foundation is currently accepting submissions for their Artist Sponsorship Program. One lucky artist will receive two complimentary four-day badges and an opportunity to showcase and sell their art at the Kevin Workman Foundation booth at SDCC 2018. Entries must be submitted by January 15, 2018. The artist will be chosen on February 15, 2018. You can find more information and submit your entry here.

  • The Geekiary, Friends of Comic Con, and The Collective Blog have begun crowdfunding for what they hope to become an annual SDCC party, Fandom Fete. Check out their Facebook Event for details on how you can contribute.

  • Artist Jason Adams was pleasantly surprised to learn CCI already gave him a table placement for SDCC 2018.

  • After trying for three years, artist Genevieve Santos is excited to bring her art to SDCC 2018. Visit her Instagram and let her know what you’d like to see from her this coming year.

  • Comic author James F. Wright seemed a little confused, or maybe stunned, when he tweeted that he will be in the Small Press area at SDCC 2018.

  • We’ll find Lea Hernandez Seidman sharing Booth #BB-9 with Diana Greenhalgh in Artists Alley with Karen Krajenbrink next door at Booth #BB-11.

  • Disney artist Mingjue Helen Chen seems surprised she will have her own table in Artists Alley at SDCC 2018.

  • We’ll find Marvel/DC artist Reilly Brown at Booth #EE-06 in Artists Alley at SDCC 2018.

  • Illustrator Jason Edmiston is looking forward to seeing all of us at SDCC in 2018.

  • Artist Henry Liao announced he and Tom Nguyen will be neighbors in Artists Alley next year at Booths #FF-17 and #FF-18. In doing so, he also gave a sneak peek into who else will be around them.

  • Christopher Reda announced via Instagram he will be exhibiting at his first SDCC in 2018, where he will premiere his latest comic book series, Planetary Expansion. Stop by Table #M-11 in the Small Press area to give him a warm SDCC welcome and check out all the other series he’ll have as well.

  • Sometimes the process works, and it looks like it did for artist Jenni Gregory. Look for her and her work at Small Press Table #M-05 at SDCC 2018.

  • Jonathan La Mantia was excited to announce via Instagram that he’ll be back in Artists Alley for his fourth year at SDCC 2018. Find him and his work at Table #BB-20. He also posted a Facebook shout-out to his fellow SDCC 2018 artists, where artists Daniel Cooney and Salvador Velázquez Zaldívar commented they would also be at SDCC 2018 at Small Press Table #K-12 and Artists Alley Table #CC-10, respectively.

  • Russell Nohelty of Wannabe Press, who was gracious enough to allow Prize Mule Gerald to “borrow” his table for a prize drop this past year, not only announced via Facebook he will be back at SDCC 2018, but he will also share space with fellow artist Angela Fullard.
  • Artist Scott Zambelli took to Facebook to announce he will be back for his ninth SDCC in 2018 at his usual spot in Artists Alley, Table #BB-04.
  • Comic book artists/writer Dan Cooney took to Twitter to let everyone know he, too, will be at SDCC 2018, among several other appearances.

  • World Famous Comics announced via Facebook that their Artist Collective will be back at SDCC 2018 at Booth #5560. This year, look for artists Brian Miller, Spencer Brinkerhoff III, and Justin Chung among the artists to attend next year.

  • Artist Dave Garcia announced via Facebook he will be back in Artists Alley for SDCC 2018 at Table #GG-19.
  • Josh Warner posted an Instagram video to let everyone know he will be back in Small Press Table #L-09 for SDCC 2018.

  • If you’re looking for the folks at ComicSketchArt at a con in California, SDCC 2018 is the only one they say they’re attending (for now).

  • If you’re a fan of Boots and Pup, you’ll be happy to see they’ll be back in Small Press for SDCC 2018.

  • Creator of Spencer and Locke, David Pepose, announced via Twitter that SDCC 2018 will be among his 2018 con appearances.

  • Tony Kim announced via Twitter that his Hero Within clothing line will return to exhibit at SDCC 2018.

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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