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Volunteer Registration All Full for San Diego Comic-Con 2018

For those hoping to experience San Diego Comic-Con as a volunteer, we have some bad news for you: All spots are taken.

Following last month’s Priority Volunteer Registration (for those who had volunteered in previous years or who were pre-approved), the regular Volunteer Registration (for first timers who signed up on the Interest List) has now filled up.

Unlike with Priority Volunteer Registration, where attendees are virtually guaranteed a spot, the Interest List slots are filled on a first-come, first-served basis. 2018’s Volunteer Registration opened up back on November 16, giving those who were eligible and interested hopefully plenty of time to register. The slots used to fill up in literally minutes (for example, 17 minutes back in 2015), but for the last two years, the process has been much slower to reach its quota.

Comic-Con International will not be accepting any more volunteers for 2018.

CCI depends on the thousands of volunteers each year to assist with running the event. It has become a popular way for folks to get a free badge for the convention while providing a service to CCI and their fellow attendees, as well as some nice swag that’s only available to volunteers. Sadly, those of you who weren’t able to get into the program will have to wait until next year — or try for Open Registration on December 9.

Were you able to get into the volunteer program for 2018? Or will you have to wait until next year? Let us know in the comments.

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