Icon Heroes San Diego Comic-Con 2018 Exclusives [UPDATE June 26]

Icon Heroes is back this year with more San Diego Comic-Con exclusives, which will be available at Icon Heroes Booth #3345. They have some exciting licenses – including Warner Bros., DC, and more. Stop by their booth during the show and check out all our products on display, including all-new never before seen upcoming products! We’ll be showcasing products from DC Comics, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts, Star Trek, Once Upon a Time, and exciting new properties that will be announced at the show. So what will San Diego Comic-Con 2018 bring?

Here’s a look at this year’s offerings:

[UPDATE June 26] Once Upon a Time may be off our television screens and living happily every after, but you can re-visit the world with Icon Heroes latest SDCC exclusive: a Once Upon a Time Dark One Dagger Letter Opener. The letter opener measures 7″ long, and bears the name of Rumplestiltskin.

[UPDATE June 25] You can display your fandom proudly – and also make making purchases at Comic-Con easier – with Icon Heroes latest San Diego Comic-Con exclusives. They’re offering Assorted Smartphone Card Holders, which are made of silicon and provide flexibility whether you want to carry IDs, credit cards, cash, ear buds, coins, keys, or other items on the back of your phone. These self-adhesive card holders fit most smartphones, cases, and are available in Batman, The Flash, Robotech, S.T.A.R. Labs, Star Trek Insignias, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They retail for $10 each.

[UPDATE June 22] Icon Heroes is also bringing three different 9″ wide mouse pads to the convention, featuring DC Comic’s Deathstroke, Harry Potter’s Platform 9 3/4, and Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Enterprise D Saucer. They’re limited to 100 pieces each, and will retail for $15 per mouse pad.

[UPDATE June 21] Now, you can feel like you have one of Batman’s cool gadgets even as you open your mail. Icon Heroes is bringing a San Diego Comic-Con exclusive DC Comics Injustice 2 Batarang Letter Opener. Based on 3-D files from the game, this lightweight metal replica measures 7″ W x .2″ W x 2.9″ H. It will retail for $25.

[UPDATE June 20] Have you ever wanted to use the Bat-Signal? Well, now you can – Icon Heroes third San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is a DC Comics Batman: Arkham Knight Bat-Signal Light Up Polystone Statue. The 7″ collectible polystone statue is sculpted from the Arkham Knight game’s digital files, and it really lights up. Each piece is hand-painted, individually numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. The only thing it doesn’t include is the AA batteries required to power it. It’s limited to 250 pieces, and will retail for $150.

[UPDATE June 19] Icon Heroes second San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is another take on the DC TV crossover event, Crisis on Earth X. They’re bringing a DC Comics Flash TV Crisis on Earth X Dark Flash 1/9 Scale Polsyone Statue to the convention. The 7.1″ tall statue sees Eobard Thawne from Earth X, who teams up with its dictator Dark Arrow, to lead an attack on the heroes of Earth One. It’s limited to just 250 pieces, and retails for $80.

[UPDATE June 18] Icon Heroes first San Diego Comic-Con exclusive is all about Arrow, and comes from the latest DC TV epic crossover event, Crisis on Earth X. The DC Comics Arrow TV Crisis on Earth X Dark Arrow 1/9 Scale Polystone Statue sees Oliver Queen as his Earth X doppleganger, the Führer of the New Reich, who leads an attack on the heroes of Earth One. The 8.5″ polystone statue is hand-painted, individually numbered, and includes a Certificate of Authenticity. It’s limited to just 300 pieces, and retails for $79.99.

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