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Under the Tents: FANDOM, LEGO, SYFY, Legion, Mystery Science Theater 3000, Jason Edmiston, Tamashii Nations, Robin Hood

ONE DAY MORE! And this is almost the end of the road for this year’s edition of Under the Tents. At most, we’ll have more late night edition later tonight – but until then, catch up on lots of last minute news from lots of big companies. Learn how you can score tickets to FANDOM’s ultra-cool, ultra-fun, ultra-sold-out Thursday night bash! We tell you how to skip the line at the Legion FXhibition activation. Want a free Mystery Science Theater 3000 comic? We’ve got news on that too.

We can’t wait to see you all at San Diego Comic-Con 2018. WE’RE SO CLOSE!

Here’s a look at the news you might have missed:

  • Artist Jordan Monsell will have a cool San Diego Comic-Con exclusive this year, featuring the original The Avengers MCU team. The 13″x19″ piece is a limited run of 50 pieces, and will retail for $20. Head to Shadowcut Press at Small Press Q-13 to grab one.

  • Artist Chris Gugliotti showed off some original watercolors he’ll have available at Artists Alley BB-15. You can stop by all week long to commission one of your own.

  • You can catch artist Josh Shalek at Table O-06 in Small Press, here he’ll have his new Dinosaurs in Space coloring book. RAWR!

  • Stop by Booth #1535 to grab these 8″x10″ prints from Night Cake Press, which are limited to 100 each per color.

  • Professional cartoonist Ambrose Quintanilla IV will be participating in the Cartoon Art Museum’s Sketch-A-Thon! Head over Thursday 5PM-7PM or Friday 6PM-7PM to catch him, or stop by all week to find other amazing artists.

  • Gourmet food truck Eat Your Heart Out is heading to San Diego Comic-Con from 1PM-8PM daily from Thursday-Sunday. We’re guessing they’ll be in The Experience.

  • Arch Enemy will have only 150 of their San Diego Comic-Con exclusive packs available at the con. Swing by Booth #501 to pick yours up.

  • SYFY gave fans their first look at a brand new Mystery Science Theater 3000 ashcan comic book. The 9-page edition will be available for free at Dark Horse’s booth.

  • And speaking of SYFY, they also gave a little more information about the Mystery Drops merch they’ll be offering daily at 9AM at the New Children’s Museum. SYFY has partnered with Jock, Babs Tarr, Kim Jung Gi, BAIT, and In4mation to create the mystery items – which is a pretty stellar line-up.

  • Thanos is just about to magic all of the people back to San Diego Comic-Con, so it’s only fitting that LEGO has created an eight and half foot tall iteration of him. Created out of 91,350 bricks, he’ll be on display at the LEGO booth.

  • Jason Edmiston has more Thanos for you, with the latest edition of his Eyes Without a Face series. In order to get your hands on this 8.25″x3.5″ acrylic painting ($750), you’ll hae to battle it out and “be the first mortal being to successfully acquire all 6 Infinity Stones in a row, out of Thanos’ celestial satchel without pulling a clear crystal stone”. There will also be pencil editions for $250, which require no such superhuman feat.

  • There’s more Tasmahii Nations giveaways, though. If you attend the Star Wars Collectibles panel on Friday at 11AM in Room 7AB, you could win a Tamashii Nations Meisho Movie Realization Yari Stormtrooper.

  • Are you cosplaying at the con as someone from LegionLegion Cosplay Meet-Up? Then don’t miss the on Saturday, July 21 at 5PM at the FXhibition Legion Chamber Experience. You’ll get to skip the line1

Anything we missed? Let us know in the comments, drop us a line, or tweet us at @SD_Comic_Con.

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