Artist Patrick Ballesteros Unveils Second ‘Game of Thrones’ Print Headed for San Diego Comic-Con 2019

Artist Patrick Ballesteros has long been one of our favorite artists, and a mainstay for several years now at both San Diego Comic-Con and WonderCon in Artists Alley. He’s best known for turning your favorite pop culture characters into kid-ified versions of themselves, offering a fresh take filled with plenty of childhood wonder in series like his popular 25 Cent Wonders or his “Can You Hear Me Now” series (where you can mix and match characters speaking long-distance to each other the old fashioned way: through a tin can!).

Last week, Ballesteros whipped up an epic Game of Thrones print — “Winter Fare-well”, a tribute to eight seasons of the series, and dedicated to the awesome-ness that was the episode “A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms”.

But then came last Sunday’s showdown episode, “The Long Night”, and Ballesteros knew he had to top himself with a companion piece, titled “Winter-Fallen”.

Both prints will be making their big debut at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, though there will be a one day sale on Ballesteros’ website, with the date announced sometime in May for both Game of Thrones prints. Ballesteros is still in the testing phase with the print, but you can expect either a 9×12 or a 11×14 print somewhere in the $25 each price range.

You can catch Ballesteros at San Diego Comic-Con 2019 at Artists Alley DD-08.

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